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How do You Get to Conqueror in BGMI Fast? Here are The Guide!

For any Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player, reaching the coveted Conqueror tier signifies mastery and strategic prowess. The climb to the top, however, is no walk in the park. This guide dissects the key strategies employed by the best BGMI players to conquer the ranked ladder swiftly.

Found the Best Squad

The cornerstone of a successful Conqueror push lies in squad play. Teamwork and coordination are paramount in BGMI.

A well-oiled squad, where members cover each other’s backs and communicate effectively, significantly increases your chances of survival and victory. Don’t underestimate the power of a coordinated push or a well-timed revival from a teammate.

While securing kills can be thrilling, the true path to Conqueror prioritizes survival points. The longer you stay alive, the more survival points you accumulate. Remember, BGMI rewards consistent performance, and staying in the game translates to a higher rank.


This doesn’t necessarily mean passive camping. Strategically rotate with the play zone, utilize cover effectively, and prioritize surviving initial engagements to maximize your survival points.

Use the Best Equipment

Equipment selection plays a crucial role in conquering the battlefield. Experiment in the training grounds to discover the perfect weapon combinations and attachments that suit your playstyle. A well-rounded loadout that caters to both close-quarter encounters and long-range engagements will give you an edge in diverse situations.

Finish Your Game

Don’t underestimate the value of finishes. Each elimination earns you a crucial point on your path to Conqueror. Prioritize downing opponents and securing the finish to accelerate your rank progression. Additionally, strategically utilize grenades and throwables to flush out hiding enemies and create opportunities for finishes.



Surviving longer forms a core principle of the Conqueror grind. This doesn’t involve reckless hot drops. Instead, prioritize staying in the play zone, avoiding unnecessary fights, and utilizing cover effectively. Employ zigzag movement when traversing open areas to make yourself a harder target. While airdrops can be tempting, prioritize staying safe over potentially high-risk loot grabs.

Using Vehicles

Finally, vehicles are your allies in conquering the vast landscapes of BGMI. Vehicles allow for faster rotations, enabling you to reach the play zone quicker and secure better positions. Strategically utilize vehicles to travel between compounds, reposition for flanks, and escape enemy engagements.

Remember, the road to Conqueror BGMI demands unwavering dedication and practice. Ascend through the ranks by honing your skills, mastering the maps, and adapting your strategies to the evolving battlefield. By consistently learning and improving, you’ll soon find yourself knocking on the doors of the elite Conqueror tier.

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