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Who is the BGMI Goat Player?

Who is the BGMI Goat Player – Despite the delayed access for Indian players, the fervor for BGMI never waned.

Numerous players have honed their skills, exhibiting unique and captivating gameplay. Let’s delve into their profiles.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) debuted on July 2, 2021, for Android users and, later, on August 18, 2021, for iOS users in India. After over ten months, Indian players finally got their hands on the game. 

Crafted by Krafton, BGMI stands as an online multiplayer battle royale sensation, seamlessly stepping into the void left by PUBG in the Indian gaming sphere.

Despite the transition, the gameplay, mechanics, and in-game elements remain strikingly similar. Moreover, Krafton has announced BGMI tournaments for 2022, boasting a total prize pool of Rs. 2 crores each. 

This declaration has stirred excitement among fans, eagerly anticipating their favorite BGMI players’ participation in the upcoming tournaments.

Let us have a look at the best solo BGMI players in India.

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Who is the BGMI Goat Player?

It’s important to note that this list isn’t arranged in any specific ranking order, and we’re not making comparisons among BGMI players.

1. Jonathan Jude Amaral

Representing GodLike eSports, Jonathan Jude Amaral, formerly with TSM Entity, stands out as one of India’s top BGMI players. 

Known for his exceptional control and sensitivity, Jonathan gained recognition after his remarkable performances in PMCO-Fall Split: South Asia and PMIS 2020, where he clinched the top positions. 

His prowess in grenade throws, DMR shots, and recoil control has garnered him a dedicated fan base. Jonathan has earned accolades such as the MVP trophy in consecutive weeks during PMWL-2020. 

With 2.62 million YouTube subscribers, he earns an estimated monthly income ranging from $6.1K to $97.8K from his streams.

2. Raj “Snax” Varma

A prominent figure in the Indian BGMI eSports scene, Raj “Snax” Varma, representing Team XO, is renowned for his exceptional skills with the DP28 and M416+6x. 

Widely known as the “DP King,” Snax gained popularity through his insightful BGMI tips and practice videos. He succeeded early, winning the inaugural BGMI event, Streamer’s Battle with TeamIND. 

With 920K YouTube subscribers, Snax earns approximately $3.4K to $53.7K monthly from his streams.

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3. Tanmay “Sc0ut” Singh

Tanmay “Sc0ut” Singh, a former football player who transitioned to PUBG following an injury, is one of the most celebrated BGMI players. 

Playing for TeamXSpark, Sc0ut has overcome controversies with his outstanding gameplay, earning the moniker “Comeback Criminal.” 

His aggressive playstyle and versatility as an assaulter, flanker, and sniper have solidified his position in the community. 

With 4.05 million YouTube subscribers, Sc0ut earns between $11.9K and $190.9K monthly from his content.

4. Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh

Revered as the best IGL-cum-assaulter in BGMI history, Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh has left an indelible mark with his leadership skills and gameplay. 

Representing Orange Rock in numerous events, Mavi’s achievements include impressive finishes in PMIT 2019, PMCO Spring Split-2020, and PMPL Spring Split-2020 South Asia. 

Leading Team Mavi alongside his comrade Sc0ut, Mavi continues to shine in the competitive scene. With 1.09 million YouTube subscribers, he earns an estimated $6.6K to $106.2K monthly from his streams.

5. Vivek Abhas Horo “ClutchGod”

A member of GodLike eSports, Vivek Abhas Horo, known as ClutchGod, is admired for his composed demeanor and strategic gameplay. 

With a keen understanding of in-game situations, ClutchGod has led his team to victory in various tournaments, including Loco War of Glory: Grand Finals and SkySports Championship 3.0. He secured the MVP trophy for the highest kills during PMPL South Asia: Season 1.

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