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How to Boost Your Free Fire Honor Score

In every engaging live service game, fostering positive behavior is key to reaping rewards. Free Fire and Free Fire: MAX are no exceptions, battling rampant toxicity with a unique Honor Score system. 

Simply put, the higher your Honor Score, the greater your in-game rewards. This guide delves into the strategies to elevate your Free Fire Honor Score.

Understanding Honor Score in Free Fire

To counteract negative player conduct, Garena introduced the “Honor Score,” a rating that reflects your overall in-game behavior. Maintaining a high score not only ensures weekly rewards but also fosters a better gaming environment.

Achieving a perfect Honor Score of 100 unlocks these benefits. Dropping below this threshold, however, can lead to penalties that affect gameplay:

  1. 99 – 95: No penalties, but rewards are withheld.
  2. 94 – 90: CS-Ranked play unavailable.
  3. 89 – 80: BR-Ranked Duo and Squad modes inaccessible.
  4. 79 – 60: BR-Ranked games unavailable.
  5. <60: Unable to team up with other players.
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Strategies to Increase Your Honor Score

If your Honor Score takes a hit due to a bad game or two, don’t worry—there are ways to recover and regain access to rewards and game modes. Garena identifies behaviors like AFK-ing, force quitting, verbal abuse, and toxicity as detrimental to your score.

Your Honor Score fluctuates based on your conduct in different modes, with ranked matches carrying heavier consequences. By consistently demonstrating good sportsmanship and avoiding negative actions, your Honor Score can stabilize over time.

In essence, promoting fair play and respect is not only beneficial but essential for a rewarding experience in Free Fire.

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That’s Free Fire Honor Score which can be a reference for you in playing Free Fire. I hope it can help you!

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