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How to Play Balmond Mobile Legends Like a Pro for Push Rank

Ascend the ranks of Mobile Legends with Balmond, the Bloody Beast, a ferocious fighter perfect for aggressive early-game dominance.

This guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies to utilize Balmond’s strengths and secure those coveted victories.

Early Lane Domination: A Feast for the Beast

Embrace your role as a front-line fighter. Prioritize last-hitting enemy minions to farm effectively and unlock your full potential. Don’t shy away from poking the enemy hero – Balmond thrives on aggression.

His passive, “Bloodthirst,” grants him an additional 6% damage on all attacks whenever an enemy is nearby, rewarding your boldness. Remember, a pressured opponent is a vulnerable opponent.


Building the Impenetrable Bulwark

While classified as a fighter, Balmond Mobile Legends benefits greatly from a balanced build that prioritizes survivability. Don’t be fooled by the damage tag – longevity is key. Start with Cursed Helmet. 

Its scorching aura not only punishes enemies who linger near you but also expedites jungle creep clearing. Guardian Helmet follows, providing a substantial health boost that allows you to sustain fights and minimize trips back to base for replenishing.

Spells for the Savage: Synergize for Success

Ice Retribution reigns supreme as your preferred Battle Spell. This strategic choice empowers your Cyclone Sweep by applying a movement speed debuff to affected enemies.

This debuff cripples their escape attempts, ensuring they face the full brunt of your fury. Struggling enemies become easy pickings, furthering your dominance.


Mastering the Art of Combat: Unleashing Balmond’s Fury

Cyclone Sweep, your reliable gap closer, forms the cornerstone of your offensive strategy. Utilize it to initiate team fights with a whirlwind of destruction, closing the distance between you and your foes. This skill also excels at chasing down fleeing enemies, ensuring no escape from your wrath.

Lethal Counter, your ultimate, boasts immense crowd-control potential. Time it right and unleash a devastating blow capable of eliminating multiple clustered enemies. This skill proves invaluable in securing kills and turning the tide of team fights in your favor.

Remember, Balmond thrives on aggression. Don’t hesitate to engage in the early game, capitalizing on his superior damage output. However, a healthy dose of caution is crucial. Don’t overextend; your defensive items are your lifeline in prolonged encounters.

The Emblem and Talent: Sharpening the Claws

The Assassin Emblem, with High and Dry as your chosen talent, perfectly complements Balmond’s playstyle. This combination maximizes his early-game prowess and enhances his presence in team fights, granting the necessary stats to unleash his full potential.

Late Game Transformation: Embrace the Tank Within

As the game progresses, prioritize building tank items. Prioritize bolstering your survivability without compromising your offensive capabilities. Maintain the core damage items you’ve acquired to ensure you remain a threat while simultaneously becoming an immovable wall against your enemies.

By mastering these strategies and wielding Balmond’s raw power effectivelyyou’ll conquer the ranked ladder and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends. Remember, aggression fuels your success, but calculated risks and strategic decision-making pave the way for ultimate victory.

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