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Guide and The Best Build for Balmond Mobile Legends

You can find many heroes and characters in Mobile Legends that have various skills and powers. However, if we are talking about the character that has one of the best stats, plus suitable for all kinds of players, the answer is only Balmond ML.

Balmond is one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legend. This hero is a fighter type that has high Offence and Defence. Therefore, we can see many beginner players choose this hero as their main hero in early and even mid or late games. Of course, you have the freedom to choose other heroes. However, for starters, Balmond is indeed the best choice.

Now, to optimize this powerful hero, you should use a specific setting and adjustment. Here, we have the best build for Balmond. You can use it to improve this hero’s power and efficiency in battle and match against other players.

Item Build for Balmond Mobile Legends

tips using Balmond ML

First of all, you should use this set of items to get the best performance from Balmond Mobile Legends.

  • Warrior Boots – this item gives Balmond extra stat on its Movement Speed and Physical Armor. You need it the most to improve its movement speed because this hero has a quite slow movement speed. The Physical Armor boost will make it even tough to beat.
  • Cursed Helmet – you will need it to improve your overall damage from Balmond. It can increase HP and Magic Resist. But, the essential skill from this item is its Passive ability, which inflicts 2% of max HP as Magic Damage to surrounding opponents per second.
  • War Axe – this weapon is a perfect choice for Balmond. It gives an extra 550 max HP and a 45% physical attack increase. Moreover, it has a 10% Cooldown Reduction skill, plus increased Movement Speed by 20%.
  • Bloodlust Axe – You also can use this weapon as an alternative. It has 20% Spell Vamp skill, which recovers your hero health every time you use a skill. Plus, it also has another 10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Queen’s Wings – This item adds an extra 1,000 HP and 15 Physical Attack stat. Moreover, it also has another 10% Cooldown Reduction.

In short, the item you use here focuses on supporting Balmond in using the skill. Your gameplay will be based on using skill to eliminate your enemy with our build. Now, let’s move to another part of the Balmond best build you also should set up, which is the emblems.

Emblem Build for Balmond

Balmond Mobile Legends

The best emblem for Balmond is the Assassin Emblem. Even though Balmond is a Fighter-type hero, Assassin Emblem improves the part where this hero is lacking. It increases this hero’s Physical Attack stat; giving it Physical Penetration and a higher Critical Chance. More importantly, you also get a Cooldown Reduction and Movement Speed increase.

Now, you need to set the talent from this emblem as well. Here are three main talents that your Balmond should use with Assassin Emblem.

  • Agility (1st Tier) – it improves the Movement Speed by 2% per level. Your Balmond will be able to move much faster with it and destroy the enemy easier.
  • Invasion (2nd Tier) – this talent gives 2 stat points to the Physical Penetration for every level. It helps you a lot when you face an opponent that has a good defence or using defensive items.
  • Killing Spree (3rd Tier) – this talent gives a unique skill, which is 15% HP restoration and increasing Balmond Movement Speed by 20%, every time your hero kills an opponent.

As you can see the Assassin Emblem focuses on the speed and extra damage for Balmond. With the high offense stat that Balmond has, this combination will create a powerful damage output to your opponent. Plus, you also can much easier to escape and move to the right position when you are in the middle of battle.

Spell and Skill Build

Balmond Mobile Legends game play

You will use spells and skills most of the time during your battle. Therefore, choosing the right one in your Balmond build is necessary to ensure your victory. Among many spells and skills that this hero has, we choose four of them that we consider the best combo you can use in this build gameplay.

  • Execute – this spell is one of the best choices for Balmond. It kills the opponent that has low health by dealing up to 500 true damage + 10% of the opponent’s missing health. Once you use it on a low-health opponent, it will kill without fail.
  • Soul Lock – this skill is necessary to get close to your opponent. Once again, it will help you to cover the slow movement speed this hero has.
  • Cyclone Sweep – with this skill, you can easily continuously attack your opponent and chip out their health. It is necessary for the Balmond combo.
  • Lethal Counter – this skill also produces high damage like Execute. You can use it alternatively with Execute as the finishing move of your combo.

By using all skills and spells that we mentioned above, you can create an effective combo for your battle. Here is how you use them.

  • Start it with Soul Lock to get close to your target,
  • Launch Cyclone Sweep to lower its health,
  • Once your target has low health, finish it with Lethal Counter. Or, Execute for the sure kill before your opponent escapes and restore their health.

As you can see, the combo for this hero is easy to do. Therefore, it is not surprising that this hero is popular among beginners players in Mobile Legend. Moreover, most of the requirements to create the build we have above are quite easy to get and use. You don’t need to spend too much time getting them all. Once you get them all, your Balmond is ready to face the opponent.

Final Thought

This hero is indeed interesting. It has stats and spells that are suitable for various types of gameplay. It seems that the developer of this game created this hero solely for this easy gameplay. Therefore, you should at least try this hero before you try another one. Guaranteed, Balmond ML will give you a great playing time.

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