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Interesting Fact You Should Learn About Balmond ML

Balmond ML might be the hero that you have been looking for in this game. You will find many reasons why a lot of Mobile Legends players love this hero. His incredible strength is one of them, but it is not the only reason you should buy and use this hero.

To play with Balmond better, you need to know a couple of facts about this hero. Once you have understood what Balmond is all about, you will be able to utilize all of his skills without any problem at all. That is why we are going to tell you many interesting facts about this brilliant hero.

Balmond is One of the Oldest Heroes in Mobile Legends

Balmond ML

You might be using Balmond for quite some time in your games. However, you might not know that Balmond is one of the oldest heroes you can find in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This hero is even available in the Beta Server, which shows how old this hero is.

Because Balmond Mobile Legends is an old hero, he becomes quite an icon in the game. You can safely say that he is a legend in Mobile Legends. But even though he is an old hero, he still proves himself worthy to be a reliable hero in the game.

Balmond Has Been Involved in a Plagiarism Case

Balmond ML

If you are a true Mobile Legends fan, you probably know that Balmond has gone through a plagiarism case in the past. A lot of people say that Balmond’s skills are very similar to Champion Darius. Champion Darius is a character in League of Legends.

Not only Champion Darius, but a lot of people also say that Balmond looks very similar to Kratos from the franchise God of War. Balmond has a skin named Primal Fury that looks quite similar to Kratos. And that is why Balmond has gone through a plagiarism case.

War Axe Helps Balmond Tremendously

Balmond ML

Another thing you need to know about Balmond ML is his build. You might not know that Balmond is not always as popular as he is today. There was a time when people underestimated this hero because of his weaknesses.

But after a while, Mobile Legends released a new item with the 1.5.88 patch update. This item is what we now know as the War Axe, which is a very popular item. You can find this item in any best-build reviews for any hero.

War Axe truly helps Balmond in Mobile Legends. With the help of this item, Balmond can boost his strength to become a worthy opponent in the game. Ever since the release of War Axe, Balmond becomes very popular once again.

Balmond is the First Mobile Legends Hero Who Does Not Use Mana

Balmond ML

Aside from the unique fact about the role of War Axe in the Balmond build, you also need to know this next interesting fact. You will rarely find a Mobile Legends hero that does not use mana points to active their skills. However, you should know that Balmond is one of those heroes.

The fact is, Balmond is the first hero that does not use mana points in all of his skills. You might not know this fact, even if you are a true fan of Mobile Legends. However, that is understandable since Balmond was not as popular as he is now.

The most interesting part about this fact is that Balmond does not use mana points since the beginning. When Mobile Legends was first released globally, Balmond does not have mana points at all. That is one of the things that make this hero very unique.

You can Cancel Balmond’s Second Skill with Knock Up and Freeze

With the Balmond best build, this hero can become a very powerful enemy. However, Balmond has a weakness that not a lot of people know. His weakness is that you can easily cancel his second skill with the Knock Up and Freeze effects.

If you are fighting against Balmond, you might want to think about using a skill with a crowd control effect. Knock Up and Freeze are both excellent crowd control effects that can help you defeat Balmond. Both of those things will help you cancel Balmond’s second skill.

When Balmond is activating his second skill, you need to immediately use your crowd control skill. Specifically, you need to use the Knock Up and Freeze effects to help you cancel Balmond’s powerful second skill. Those effects can help trick Balmond’s second skill, allowing you to avoid any damage.

Unfortunately, you can only use Knock Up and Freeze effects to cancel Balmond’s second skill. Any other crowd control skill will not be able to help you cancel his skill. That is why you need to be very familiar with all of Balmond’s skills if you want to easily defeat him.

When you are playing against Balmond, you need to have the right strategy. You need to have a hero on your team that can cancel his second skill. That way, you will be able to kill Balmond without any problem at all.

In conclusion, Balmond is a very unique character in Mobile Legends. You need to know interesting facts about this hero to play well with him. That is everything you need to know about Balmond ML.

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