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Best Build for Tigreal Mobile Legends 2022

If you just start playing Mobile Legend, you will find one of the earlier heroes that you can play is Tigreal ML. It is one of the first tank-type heroes that you can play to get the real experience of playing as a tank. Tigreal has a cool design with his armor. According to its description, this hero is the leader of the Moniyan Knights. Therefore, if you love a knight style hero, you can choose him.

However, we are here not only to admire Tigreal’s cool design. We also love this hero because he has an amazing set of skills. Its range starts from the dash skill to get close to the enemy, CC power, and AoE skill. This hero focuses on attracting many opponents and minions, where his partner then can attack and kill all those opponents.

You also can use him as the initiator to team fight, thanks to his ultimate skill. Moreover, this hero is good at that. Many players also got a record as the most assists whenever they used Tigreal. Therefore, if you also want your name to show up on the list as the assist leader, you can use this hero. Then, after the Tigreal revamps, this hero becomes even better as a tank.

Now, before you try it, we have the guide to creating the best build for Tigreal that you can try. Guaranteed, with our build, you can improve this hero power and efficiency several folds. It also helps you a lot in solo or team fights. Here is our choice of build setting for Tigreal Mobile Legends.

Skill and Spell Build

Best Build for Tigreal

Tigreal has four skills and one spell that you will need to use in this build. Each of them is the standard ability that this hero has. However, to match them with this build, here we have the guide on how you use the skill and spell.

  • Fearless (Passive) – Fearless gives Tigreal blessing layers up to 4 stacks. It occurs whenever this hero gets hit or attacked by an enemy or jungle monster. This blessing also occurs whenever you use the skill from this hero. Once the blessing stacks to 4 layers, Tigreal will be invincible for the next basic attack.
  • Attack Wave (Active) – this is one of the Areas of Effect skills from this Tigreal that unleash three shockwaves in one direction. This skill will slow down the enemy that got hit by this skill by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Use it during the chase event or when you check the bush.
  • Sacred Hammer (Blink, CC) – when you activate this skill, Tigreal will dash in one direction. If an opponent makes contact with Tigreal during the dash, they will stick and go along with this hero. Then, if you activate this skill once more within 4 seconds from the first time you activate it, you can deal damage to the enemy that sticks to this hero.
  • Implosion (CC, AoE) – You can attract or pull many enemies toward this hero and stun them for 1.5 seconds. During this time, you also deal physical damage to the enemy. However, to activate this skill, Tigreal needs 0.3 seconds. This skill activation will be canceled, if within that activation time, Tigreal got attacked by a status change attack, like stun, transform, knock up, or silence.
  • Flicker or Petrify – these two are the best spells you can choose for this build Tigreal Mobile Legends. These two will help you a lot during a solo. You can use them to surprise the enemy, which gives you enough time to activate your ultimate skill, Implosion.

Those sets of skills allow you to be a tank and reliable damage dealer for your team. However, to make sure you get the best from those skills, you need to level up them. For starters, you should level up the first three skills to tier 2 as soon as possible. As for your ultimate, you can try to upgrade it whenever you have a chance. But, prioritize upgrading your first three skills to tier 2.

Emblem Set

emblem Tigreal Mobile Legends

The next part of our Tigreal build is the emblem set. For this hero, use the Tank emblem. Then, you can set the talent for each tier as follows:

  • Firmness (Tier 1) – it will improve your Tigreal Physical Defense by 4 points per level.
  • Fortress (Tier 2) – this talent will increase the Armor Res and Magic Resistance.
  • Tenacity (Tier 3) – add 35 stat points to the Physical and Magical Defense. This talent is necessary for a fight with an opponent that has a high magic attack.

Make sure you level up each talent in each tear by allocating 3 points on each talent. This set of talent in Tank emblem will improve Tigreal Physical Defense a lot, with the extra improvement on its Magical Defense. This set of emblems will let you roam safely.

Item Build for Tigreal

As for the Item set, we choose these six items as our main equipment. They are:

  • Shadow Mask,
  • Warrior Boots,
  • Immortality,
  • Athena’s Shield,
  • Dominance Ice,
  • Queens Wings.

This set of items focuses on improving your hero defense. Plus, the passive skill from Tenacity and Queen’s Wings helps your hero to survive much longer on the battlefield. It will activate whenever your hero’s HP is lower than 40%. And, both of them stack with each other. These items are the best choice for the best Tigreal build that we have here.

Gameplay and Final Tought

Tigreal gameplay

Activate the Attack Wave to slow down your opponent. Then, Sacred Hammer to attract the enemy. After that, make a distance and let your teammate deal the damage. While making some distance, you can start activating your Ultimate Skill to give the final attack to the enemy.

This hero is one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends. However, it is a bit tricky to use it effectively with our build above. We don’t think that this build is suitable for a beginner. Once you get used to the Mobile Legends control, you can try it. You will get the best from Tigreal ML.

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