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Akai ML: A Strong Tanker Panda in Mobile Legends

Akai is one of the strongest tanker heroes in Mobile Legends. It uses a stick as a weapon. Akai has helpful skills for the team. You can use it for playing Mobile Legends. These are some tutorials for using Akai ML in this game.

Akai ML Profile

akai ML

In its history, Akai is a Pandai often training self-defense. Though its friends are often mocking it, it never gives up and keeps training because it has the ambition to be a smart fighter using its stick, Flail. It is also the most popular hero tank in Mobile Legends. This hero has complete and dying skills. Akai can become both an offlaner hero and a tank. Of course, it makes Akai multi-talent. Some people underestimate Akai’s skills in fighting. Furthermore, the ultimate skills of this hero have a longer stun duration and can lock more heroes.

Positive Advantages of Akai ML 

akai ML

Before you use this hero character in Mobile Legends, you can detect some advantages of Akai ML. What are they?

Tough – Akai is a tough tanker with its passive skills getting a shield blocking 8% of the received damage for two active seconds.

Great Initiator – Akai has a Thousand Pounder skill being to be an initiator to start a battle and use it for running away when it impossibly wins the war.

Destroy an Enemy Formation – Akai has its ultimate skill in destroying enemies’ formation. Hurricane Dance will make Panda turn and spin. It can kick enemies in the area of that skill.

Disadvantages of Akai 

akai ML

Low Damage – Akai Mobile Legends has so low damage. It requires a friend to help give extra damage to the enemy

Using Mana – A hero tanker is suitable to use without Mana. Unfortunately, Akai is not working. If Akai gets off at battle, its role in protecting the team from enemies is limited.

Difficult to Play: Skills and build Akai is great. However, Akai becomes a hero tanker getting difficult to play. Furthermore, a new player tries to use a hero tank. The players must train in a custom or classic mode.

How to Play Akai Mobile Legends

akai ML

The thing to remember is Akai being a crush hero. You don’t get afraid of playing aggressively. Furthermore, you will get a shield when you jump. Akai takes the role to be a shield or thick tanker. Akai’s damage is not huge because it is a pure tank. Akai’s priority is to be a tanker.

Early Game 

In this phase, Akai must help friends with farming or consistently be a tanker. You must try to disturb the enemy’s movements and let a very carry to do farming. The combination of first and second skills will make Akai more effective when it does ganking.

Mid Game 

In this phase, you can play more dangerously. You have the ultimate skill. Moreover, it happens in a battle near to turret. At that condition, jump back to the enemies and force them to the short distance of the turret with an ultimate skill or key the movements by pulling down to the walls. Focus on protecting hero carry to your team. It will destroy enemies’ movements. If you use Akai, don’t focus more on killing. You only kill if your enemy’s HP is weak.

Late Game 

In this phase, Akai best build MLBB will be a good weapon. Akai will be a dangerous hero making a team enemy afraid of a team fight. Don’t hesitate to enter the center and middle of enemies though Akai is not full because it gets shielded by a short cooldown. Thus, it lasts longer. If your team coordination is very great, your team can win a team fight easily. All enemy kills will be empty when you lock Akai only. Your team can fight enemies easily. Of course, Akai needs help to make it useful. You must try to move the hero carry in the desired direction when you use a combo. You can lead them to your team to kill and lock them to the wall to avoid giving damage. You can also force them far away back to make your team focus on fighting for the other heroes.

Promising Partner for Akai ML 

Akai is suitable to collaborate with Fanny to be a team partner. When Akai forces enemies to the wall, Fanny can use its skill combination and fly from the wall to the wall to kill its enemies. You can use this character to accompany Akai in fighting the enemy team.

It is better to counter Akai. You can use Nana. This mage can use two skills to lock Akai’s movements and fail its ultimate skills. You can learn it all if you want to lose Akai.

Recommendations of Akai Builds 

It recommends using some builds for Akai. It enables you to reach a win.

Demon Shoes – It can eliminate enemy heroes or get assistance to restore Mana for 10%. It eliminates minions and restores Mana by 4%.

Immortality – It resurrects 2 seconds after losing and getting 156 hp and shield absorbing 300-1000 damage.

Thunder Belt – It gives 800 hp and mana regen and cooldown reduction. After you use this skill, the basic attack gives true damage for 296 Max HP.

Athena’s Shield – It gives 900 HP, magical defense, and regen. Those are useful to get a huge shield. The shield will be stronger when you use Akai ML in this game.

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