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How to Use SKS PUBG Mobile for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Guide

SKS PUBG Mobile weapons can be one of the best choices for players in early games. This DMR-type weapon combines the concept of an Assault Rifle with a Sniper rifle.

SKS can be used in early games when it’s difficult to find AKM PUBG Mobile or other weapons. SKS guns can also shoot continuously in close-range combat.

Thus, this combined AR and SR weapon will be easier to defeat an opponent in battle. However, unfortunately, there are still some players who find it difficult to use the PUBG Mobile SKS weapon. Nevertheless, don’t worry, because we’ll give you tips on how to use it. Check the reviews below to find out.


More Carefully with The Range of Fire

As a weapon that shoots in sequence, the PUBG Mobile SKS will be easier to use at close range. So it’s important to keep an eye on the distance between the enemy and the weapon.

If you shoot from a medium or long distance, there’s little chance of disabling your opponent quickly. For new PUBG players, it is highly recommended to use SKS nearby. While for pro players, it can be used for medium and close distances.


Add Attachment

Maximize PUBG SKS by adding several attachment items. From the recycle damper to the minimal flash hider. With the addition of such items, SKS weapons will be more maximized in firing.

In addition, players can also use attachments such as foregrip and cheek pad to make it easier to play. Then from that, additional attachments become one of the most important to have players. It can be found in some battle areas or bought at the PUBG shop.

Use Scope

The scope becomes the most needed part of a player’s fighting in a battle royale game. These items will help players using PUBG Mobile SKS shoot more accurately. Especially on the maps of Erangel and Miramar that require a long-distance game.

Players need to find additional scope attachments, ranging from x4, x6, to x8 to maximize the shot. It’s very important to use a scope in some kind of PUBG shooting game. A lot of players are looking for scope and not hard to find. Because the scope is scattered across the battlefields.

Well, that’s how to maximize PUBG Mobile’s SKS weapons to get the best game. If you need a variety of other items, do the UC PUBG top-up in the UniPin.

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