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How To Landing Faster Parachute in PUBG Mobile

All PUBG Mobile Players must landing a faster Parachute in PUBG Mobile. It can help more advantages to you and your teammates with quick looting and other benefits, such as component area dominations.

When you want to land with a parachute, you must notice a few details if you don’t want to lose and get into the lobby fast. You have to read this article for sure right now!

How To Landing Faster Parachute in PUBG Mobile

Mastering the art of swift landings in PUBG Mobile can give players a significant edge, especially in high-intensity hot-drop zones. The ability to touch down before adversaries allow you to secure valuable loot and avoid potential early eliminations.

In the fiercely competitive battle royale environment of PUBG Mobile, the timing of your descent is crucial. Arriving too late and finding opponents already geared up on the ground puts you at a severe disadvantage, often leading to untimely defeats.

Understanding and implementing specific techniques is essential to gain an advantage and ensure a faster landing on PUBG Mobile. In this game, success lies not solely in one’s gaming expertise but also in the ability to secure powerful weapons swiftly. Therefore, mastering these tricks becomes even more vital for your survival and success in the game. Here, we present some practical strategies to enhance your landing speed in PUBG Mobile.

1. Landing Fast Together

The first thing you can do for a faster parachute landing is to do it together. It significantly impacts your teammates because it will help you recognize the enemy and communicate well.

You will notice many things and have to do them if you land fast with your teammates. You have to pay attention too.

2. Lock Your Locations


To enhance your speed in PUBG Mobile, the initial step is to identify the optimal landing location. It is essential to pick a spot on the map situated approximately 800 meters away from the flight path.

To determine this distance, you can easily mark the location on the map, displaying the distance measurement. As soon as it reads around 800 meters, initiating your jump from the plane would be best.

However, it’s important to note that the jump distances differ across various maps. Hence, familiarizing yourself with these distances is crucial. Below are the recommended jump distances for each map in PUBG Mobile:

  • Miramar and Erangel: 750-850m.
  • Sanhok and Vikendi: 750-800m.
  • Livik: 400-450m.
  • Karakins: 350m.

If you intend to reach a far-off destination on the map, selecting a landing spot near vehicles is advisable. This strategy allows you to gather essential equipment before boarding a car and heading to your marked destination, ensuring a safer gameplay experience.

3. Drag Your Joystick

When parachuting from the plane in PUBG Mobile, strategically optimize your landing using the joystick button. Upon exiting the aircraft, tilt the joystick upwards at either a 45- or 135-degree angle. 

Simultaneously, control your descent by dragging the joystick button to achieve the maximum downward velocity. To increase your chances of a successful landing, ensure your jump location is positioned in the top-left corner of the HP (Health Points) screen.

Monitoring your landing speed is crucial. Aim to attain a speed of 234km/h upon touchdown, indicating a well-executed landing. Mastering the large joystick button in PUBG Mobile is particularly beneficial during the parachute descent phase, especially when descending closer to the ground. This technique significantly improves your landing speed and control, making it an indispensable trick for faster landings in PUBG Mobile.

4. Avoid Premature Parachute Deployment


It is essential not to trigger the parachute prematurely. Once your altitude reaches 300m, the parachute will automatically open. At this point, gently tilt your joystick to an angle of 135 degrees and then adjust it to 90 degrees. Keep your finger on the joystick and HP screen to maintain speed; premature removal could decrease the rate. Please resist the temptation to open the parachute manually before it deploys independently.

During skydiving, place your thumb on the joystick and refrain from deploying the parachute too early. While parachuting, you can use the complimentary view button to identify opponents in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, allowing you to eliminate them quickly upon landing.

5. Disabling Landing Animation

In BGMI, the landing animation can cause a delay upon reaching the ground. However, there’s a simple trick to bypass this and land faster. By swiftly pressing the punch button when your feet touch the ground, you can cancel the landing animation and gain a speed advantage.

This technique lets you quickly start moving and loot guns without unnecessary delays. In a fast-paced shooting game like BGMI, securing a gun ahead of your opponents can significantly increase your chances of survival, especially in hot-drop locations.

6. Disembarking at a Distant Spot

If you wish to disembark at a remote destination, follow these steps: wait for the plane’s wings to align with the marked location on your map, then execute a jump. Once airborne, tilt the joystick button upward at a 90-degree angle, elevating your shot to face the sky.

Landing at a location around 1500-2000 meters away from the plane’s trajectory is possible. However, deploying your parachute immediately after jumping is crucial to ensure a slower descent. This method allows for a rapid drop in remote areas without needing a vehicle.

7. Watchout Your Enemy

Remember to know your enemy landing. It is crucial because it will help you with looting and decisions making. You have no worries if you communicate with your teammates.

Always look at your opponent so you know what they will do, and this is a good strategy for landing a faster parachute in PUBG Mobile.

Those are some things about landing faster parachutes in PUBG Mobile. This article will help you play PUBG Mobile well. Remember always to Top Up PUBG Mobile on UniPin right now! Because in UniPin you will get many kinds of benefits.

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