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Interesting Insights into Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

He’s not only good-looking but also incredibly intelligent. Kamisato Ayato, a familiar name to many, serves as the chairman of the Yashiro Commission. Despite being seemingly less prominent than his counterparts, there’s a lot more to this leader than meets the eye.

His aura has left quite an impression on female gamers within the Genshin Impact community. In this article, we’ll uncover eight intriguing facts about Kamisato Ayato, the man who has captured the hearts of innumerable admirers. Let’s delve into the details!

Kamisato Ayato Genshin Impact Facts

Ayato is portrayed as a charismatic and authoritative leader who learned these qualities from childhood. He was responsible for leading the Kamisato clan after their parents abandoned them. These facts highlight Ayato’s multifaceted character and significant role in the Genshin Impact storyline.

1. Ayato, the Clan Leader from Youth

From a young age, Ayato embodied the qualities of a charismatic and authoritative leader due to his upbringing. Raised amid challenging circumstances and abandoned by their parents, Ayato courageously took on the mantle of leadership within the Kamisato clan, displaying mature tactics and strategies that effectively reunited a once-divided clan. His administration is so trusted that he now holds one of Inazuma’s three influential Commissions.

2. Kamisato Ayato’s Surprising Cameo


Kamisato Ayato’s initial appearance was quite a surprise for Genshin Impact fans. Before revealing his abilities and appearance, he made a subtle cameo in Arataki Itto’s character teaser. Back then, it was nearly impossible to predict that the mysterious interlocutor referred to as “My Lord” was, in fact, Ayato. His identity remained concealed, with only his captivating voice to provide a hint.

3. Cooking Skills

Beyond his leadership qualities, Ayato possesses an unusual talent for cooking. He often experiments in the kitchen and subjects Thoma, his friend, to the results of his culinary adventures. This is why Thoma’s success in hot pot games against Traveler and Ayaka, as he frequently ends up with Ayato’s eccentric creations.

4. Influence on Beetle Fighting

Fans who have experienced Arataki Itto’s Story Quest have witnessed Itto’s unbridled enthusiasm for beetle fighting. This passion is a gift from Kamisato Ayato, as revealed in Itto’s voice lines, where he expresses his admiration for the Yashiro Commission’s chairman.

5. Unpredictable Nature

Despite his affable demeanor, Ayato is not one to be underestimated. Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun have hinted at his hidden strategies and tricks within the Yashiro Commission. Balancing his family’s demands and the clan leader’s role requires a degree of neutrality. Yet, Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun acknowledge that Ayato’s approach may differ from theirs.

6. Proficiency in Polearm Combat


Ayato’s daily routine includes the rigorous study of martial arts, particularly the Kamisato Art, and his initial character release featured him as a sword user. Surprisingly, Ayato is also proficient with polearms, as confirmed by Nobumori, an NPC who yielded his Vision to Ayato after losing a polearm duel to him.

7. Leading a Covert Syndicate in Inazuma

Ayato’s leadership extends to a covert group known as Shuumatsuban, with the honorable goal of safeguarding Inazuma. This secretive ninja organization includes members like Sayu, and they primarily engage in surveillance, providing Ayato with valuable intelligence reports. The loyalty of Shuumatsuban’s members, most of whom are orphans, is unwavering.

8. A Hidden Ally of the Shogun’s Rebel Forces

In an unexpected twist, Ayato secretly supports his sister Ayaka’s resistance against the Vision Hunting Decree. During the Archon Quest involving the Traveler and Signora, Ayato’s involvement becomes clear as he facilitates access for rebel troops led by Gorou into the heavily guarded Shogun’s palace. He plays the role of a behind-the-scenes hero in the struggle for justice.

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