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Best Build Sayu in Genshin Impact

Sayu, the latest addition to the 4-star character roster in patch 2.0, debuted alongside Yoimiya. She is an Anemo element character wielding the inaugural claymore weapon in Genshin Impact and wondering how to utilize Sayu’s abilities effectively.

Overview Sayu Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Sayu possesses a distinctive Elemental Skill that sets her apart from other characters. She can roll swiftly for an extended duration without depleting her stamina, absorbing elements she encounters during moving and creating a swirl effect on nearby enemies.

This unique skill proves valuable for exploration but lacks utility in combat, especially compared to Sucrose’s swirling abilities. However, Sayu compensates by passively healing party members while rolling.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst closely mirrors Jean’s party healing capabilities. When activated, it instantly heals one party member and extends its healing radius, surpassing Jean’s range.

Regarding healing prowess, Sayu is a 4-star alternative to Jean, which benefits players who don’t possess Jean. The distinction lies in how they heal: Jean relies on her Attack stat, while Sayu combines Attack and Elemental Mastery for healing.

As an Anemo character, Sayu can effectively wield the Viridescent Venerer artifact, making her a valuable Anemo battery.

Artifact Choices


For Sayu, especially as a support Anemo character, the ideal artifact set is the 4-piece Viridescent Veneer. This set not only reduces enemy resistance but also amplifies swirl damage.

However, specific team compositions centered around Xiao, Geo, or physical damage may render the Viridescent Venerer less effective. Consider the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige for added utility or the 4-piece Maiden Beloved for enhanced healing.

If you lack the recommended artifacts or suitable main stats, alternatives include 2-piece sets such as Wanderer’s Troupe, Emblems of Severed Fate, Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, or Maiden Beloved.

The choice of main stats depends on your preferred playstyle and Sayu’s constellations. Achieving an energy recharge of around 180 or higher is crucial due to Sayu’s energy-intensive Elemental Burst.

Main stat options include ATK% for increased healing or Elemental Mastery for enhanced swirl damage. Alternatively, you can focus on the Healing Bonus on the Circlet of Logos for improved healing, albeit at the expense of Daruma’s damage and swirl potential. Avoid Anemo Damage Bonus for a healer build.

Consider using the Energy Recharge primary stat on Sands of Eon if Sayu needs more energy recharge from weapons or sub-stats. Sayu’s sixth constellation (C6) emphasizes Elemental Mastery as a crucial primary stat across her artifacts, resolving scaling issues and boosting Daruma’s damage and healing.

Weapon Selection


Sayu can wield nearly all claymores in Genshin Impact, except those with HP%, Def%, or Physical Damage Bonus sub-stats, which are unsuitable for her.

Weapon choice should complement Sayu’s stat balance. Weapons can be categorized into three groups:

  • ATK% Weapons: Wolf’s Gravestone excels in providing additional Attack, making it the top choice. Other options include Prototype Archaic or Lithic Blade.
  • Energy Recharge Weapons: While the mentioned weapons can serve for energy recharge, note that Sayu needs an adequate crit rate to trigger the Favonius Greatsword’s passive effect. The Sacrificial Greatsword activates its passive upon kicking, regardless of skill press or hold, but it won’t refresh skills during rolling.
  • Elemental Mastery Weapons: Surprisingly, the Bloodtainted Greatsword, a 3-star claymore, offers the most Elemental Mastery stats. Alternatively, Rainslasher is suitable due to its higher base Attack if you possess it.

Team Composition

The Sayunado strategy hinges on capitalizing on the swirling reaction triggered by the combination of Sayu’s Elemental Skill and Xiangling’s Pyronado. Adding Kaeya and Bennet is highly recommended to enhance damage output.

To execute this team strategy effectively, deploy Elemental Burst abilities from Bennet, Xiangling, and Kaeya. Following this, activate Sayu’s Elemental Skill and strike all adversaries until the Pyronado’s duration expires. It is advisable to prioritize stacking as much Elemental Mastery as possible, both through artifact and weapon selection and ascension.

Tips & Tricks for Sayu in Genshin Impact


Here are some helpful pointers and techniques to maximize sayu’s capabilities:

For continuous rolling, there’s no need to keep the skill button pressed until the ability expires; a brief press followed by a release suffices. Afterward, you retain control over Sayu’s direction during the roll.

Remember that Sayu’s passive talent, which eases the capture of creatures like Crystalflies, only applies to the initial Crystal Fly. Subsequent captures will cause the Crystal Flies in the vicinity to scatter.

Sayu can generate energy particles continuously by consistently connecting her Elemental Skill with enemies until the ability duration concludes.

To maximize energy particle generation, briefly hold Sayu’s Elemental Skill before releasing it. This technique yields more energy than simply tapping the Elemental Skill button.

Sayu and her gameplay offer a refreshing experience for Genshin Impact players. Beyond her unique and enjoyable playstyle, Sayu brings benefits that may surpass those of other 4-star healers, even without any constellations.

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