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Iso: The Newest Duelist Agent in Valorant!

Valorant is set to introduce their latest agent, Iso, who takes on the duelist role. You can expect to see Iso in action by the end of October 2023. Let’s dive into the intriguing details of Agent Iso’s abilities.

Hailing from China, Iso is set to be Valorant’s 24th agent. This duelist is bringing some exciting and distinct skills to the game, including the ability to summon bulletproof shields and a skill that lures opponents into an arena for thrilling 1v1 duels with Iso. Get ready for some intense gameplay!

What is the Function of a Duelist Agent?

The Agent Duelist is a Valorant character specializing in taking the offensive and wiping out opponents. They serve as the vanguard of the team, with the crucial mission of getting up close and personal with the enemy, utilizing their weapon expertise and unique abilities to secure victory.

As of now, there are six agents classified as duelists, and they are:

  1. Jett
  2. Reyna
  3. Phoenix
  4. Raze
  5. Yoru
  6. Neon

Iso Overview

Li Zhao Yu, the enigmatic Chinese assassin, possesses a remarkable talent for harnessing ethereal radianite energy from the surroundings, molding it into formidable, enduring creations. While carrying out covert missions for a clandestine group, Yu has earned a formidable reputation as a highly efficient assassin.

Whispers persist about the “Dead Lilac,” an impervious sorceress who can decimate entire armies with a single glance and instantly hex her targets with a violet curse, with some claiming that those who challenge her vanish forever.

Yu had been targeting individuals linked to the Kingdom Corporation’s Project Landfall until one fateful day when their employer redirected their focus to a new quarry: their former associate now going by the name Omen. Meanwhile, the organization Omen serves, Valorant Protocol, has positioned themselves in a way that keeps Yu alluring to them.

They had struck a Landfall facility shortly before Yu’s previous mission, and they were currently delving into the vanishing of Landfall’s leadership, the very people Yu had eliminated, though he had no involvement in it. When a Protocol contact reached out, Yu expressed a willingness to collaborate, provided that his employer ensured his protection.

Now, Yu has entered the world of Valorant as its twenty-fourth recruit, adopting the moniker “Iso.” Yet, much remains shrouded in secrecy around him. He reveals little about his former organizations, not even their names, asserting that most of their operations were tightly sealed.

Concurrently, Omen harbors a keen interest in Iso, eager to unveil the enigma of his obscured past upon discovering Iso’s shared history with the organization he serves. Valorant Protocol has taken risks in the past, but with so much surrounding Iso veiled in mystery, recruiting him might just be their boldest gamble to date.

Contingency (C)


Ready to unleash prismatic energy! Click to activate an energy shield that forcefully pushes in one direction. This shield is impenetrable and can deflect bullets.

Undercut (Q)


His second move is Undercut, an ability that lets Iso fire molecular bolts capable of piercing through walls. These bolts also briefly weaken foes they pass through. Think of it as a bit like Omen’s Paranoia, but with a unique twist.

Double Tap (E)


After Iso takes down an enemy, a small energy orb hovers above the defeated foe. Shooting this orb grants Iso a temporary shield that absorbs incoming damage.

Assassination Contract (X)

iso-valorant-Assassination Contract

His ultimate ability, Kill Contract, is a game-changer. It allows Iso to drag an enemy into an alternate dimension where they go head-to-head until one emerges victorious. If both players are still standing when the arena time runs out, they both face elimination.

Iso is set to join the Valorant roster at the end of October 31 as part of Episode 7 Act 3. Professional players have already put this new duelist to the test, and the results are nothing short of amazing, showcasing the incredible potential of Valorant’s latest addition.

Tips for Playing Agent Iso!

Based on the utility that the Iso agent has, we can conclude that this Iso duelits agent is very overpowered with the ‘Double-Tap’ skill because he will be immune to any damage, making it very easy to enter the site or guard the site.

When using the Iso agent when attacking, players can activate the ‘Doubel-Tap’ skill first then use ‘Contingency’.

What is useful is to create a wall which will make it easier for the team to enter because teammates only have to focus on the enemies on the left or right.

And when you become a defender, the Iso agent can use the ‘Contingency’ skill to confuse the enemy with the presence of the Iso agent and the enemy cannot injure/shoot at the site being guarded by the Iso agent.

How about players? Do you think this is an agent that will be very difficult to control or is it an agent that is very easy to use? Let’s wait together until finally the newest duelist agent Iso appears in the Valorant Game.

Those are some things about Iso Valorant, hopefully it’s useful! Don’t forget to always Top Up Valorant only on UniPin right now!

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