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The Ultimate Sova Lineups for Ascent Map in Valorant!

Sova, known for his exceptional arrow skills, offers a plethora of Lineups that can revolutionize your game, especially on Ascent Map.

Are you excited about exploring Sova’s strategic Lineups? Dive in below!

Meet Sova: The Sharpshooting Archer

Agent Sova, hailing from Russia and known as Alexander (Sasha) Novikov, is an Initiator agent in Valorant. Born in the snow-covered tundra, Sova’s exceptional abilities enable him to track, locate, and eliminate targets precisely.

His name, derived from the Slavic language, means “owl,” symbolizing his keen vision. Like an owl locks onto its prey, Sova is adept at finishing off targets once he spots them.

Recon Bolt and Shock Bolt pose the most challenges among his four abilities. These abilities allow adjustments in strength and trajectory based on how long they’re charged.

Despite their complexity, many enthusiasts favor Sova for the mental workout and agility honed while utilizing these skills, commonly called Lineups.

The Best and Most Accessible Sova Lineups – Ascent Map

Get ready for a comprehensive guide to the finest and simplest Sova Lineups on the Ascent Map. Sova’s Lineups stand out from others like Viper, Brimstone, and Killjoy, making them a hot topic among gamers.

Ascent Map was chosen due to its popularity among UniPin and professional players, making it the ideal battleground!

Curated from pro-player videos and gameplay compilations, these Lineups come with clear benchmarks, making them easier to grasp.

Typically, Sova deploys Recon Bolt at the game’s start to scout for enemy presence. However, repeating this too frequently in the exact location might make it an easy target for enemies.

Shock Bolts, conversely, prove effective against enemies in areas like Chubby or Wine. Some Sova players also employ Shock Bolts to hinder enemies attempting to defuse.

Let’s delve into top picks for the best and easiest Sova Lineups without further delay!

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Shock Bolt – Defender Spawn to B Site


Launching from the Defender’s spawn, Sova’s Shock Bolt targets the B Site, potentially damaging or disorienting enemies.

Shock Bolt – B Lobby to B Site


From B Lobby, Sova aims his Shock Bolt at the B Site, preemptively striking enemies in or pushing towards the B site.

Shock Bolt – A Main to A Site


Positioned in A Main, Sova directs his Shock Bolt toward A Site, disrupting enemy plans or causing damage to create an opening for his team.

Shock Bolt – A Lobby to A Site


Standing in A Lobby, Sova targets A Site with his Shock Bolt to weaken any present enemies, providing an advantage during an assault.

Shock Bolt – A Wine to Generator


Sova fires his Shock Bolt from A Wine toward the Generator, damaging opponents taking cover nearby, potentially forcing them to retreat.

Recon Bolt – A Lobby to A Rafters


From A Lobby, Sova’s Recon Bolt targets A Rafters, revealing hidden enemies or those holding angles crucial for team strategy.

Recon Bolt – B Main to A Site


Sova, stationed at B Main, launches his Recon Bolt towards A Site, granting vision of enemies aiding in decision-making for the team.

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Recon Bolt – A Lobby to A Site


Sova deploys his Recon Bolt from A Lobby towards A Site, uncovering enemy positions to aid in planning attacks or defenses.

Those are some things you can know about Sova Lineups for Ascent Map in Valorant. Hopefully this article can help you in playing Valorant well.

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