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All About Haven in Valorant

Hey, Valorant champs! Let’s talk about the maps that make our gaming experience awesome, especially one that’s been buzzing lately: Haven.

This map is about more than just playing around. It’s all about attacking and hitting the opponent’s defense like a pro to secure that win.

Now, who’s the star of the show? You guessed it! The right agent makes all the difference, turning the tide in your favor. Get ready to crush your rivals and own the game.

Stick around for some insider info on the perfect Valorant agent to dominate the action-packed streets of Haven. Intrigued? Let’s dive into the details!

What is Haven in Valorant?

Have you ever explored the nine excellent maps the game has to offer? You’ve got Lotus, Pearl, Fracture, Breeze, Icebox, Bind, Haven, Split, and Ascent. But let’s shine a spotlight on one of the standout maps – Haven.

Haven stands out from the rest due to its unique concept. Unlike the other maps, Haven boasts three main areas: A Site, B Site, and C Site, each linked by various corridors.

This map flips the script, introducing attackers and defenders to the challenge of choosing a site to guard or attack, making it more complicated than the other maps.

For newcomers diving into Haven, brace yourself—it’s a bit of a maze with multiple sites and corridors. Getting a handle on this map requires some practice and patience.

However, fear not! There’s a sneaky strategy that gives you a leg up: consider sticking to an agent that truly shines in this map’s unique setup.

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Where is Haven Located? 

A battlefield wrapped in ancient splendor, embraced by lush greenery from every angle. This map is an architectural masterpiece reminiscent of ancient monasteries perched in the mountainous heights of Southeast Asia, specifically in Thimphu, Bhutan.

As the game vividly illustrates, “Beneath the shadow of a forgotten monastery, echoes of intense clashes resonate as rival Agents fiercely battle to dominate three crucial sites. 

The landscape offers ample space for control, enticing defenders to venture forth for assertive assaults.”

Imagine yourself amidst this historical and picturesque setting, navigating the game’s thrilling challenges while embracing the serene yet intense environment. 

It’s an adventure where ancient vibes meet a modern gaming frenzy set in a breathtakingly scenic backdrop!

Lore Behind the Map of Haven


Valorant lore is like the juicy gossip of the game world – fans can’t get enough! The philosophies driving each agent’s actions and their slick voice lines at the start of every match give us a sneak peek into their personas and the setting they’re in.

Haven might not spill as much lore tea as other maps, but it’s got this lingering vibe, you know? Picture the defending spawn – it’s a gloomy scene, almost like the aftermath of a science experiment gone wrong. Radianite, the game’s MVP element in lore, is also at the heart of it here.

Now, keep your eyes peeled for these stacks of radiant-stuffed crates everywhere. That’s the giveaway: This isn’t just your ordinary map. 

Something definitely went down here before. Just listen to Raze at the start of the match, dropping hints like, “Oh, this place used to be a stunner. Hang tight. I’ll give you a send-off to remember!” Cue the mysteries!

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Haven Site A Callouts:

  • Sewer Path
  • A-Main
  • Flower Pot
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • A-Box
  • Default
  • Cubby
  • CT

Haven Site B Callouts:

  • Box
  • Tower
  • Generator
  • Default
  • Back site
  • C-Link
  • A-Link

Haven Site C Callouts:

  • Back Site
  • Default
  • Connector
  • Long
  • Front Pillar
  • Ninja
  • Platform
  • Back Platform
  • Back Pillar
  • CT
  • Logs

Best Agent Recommendation in Map Haven


Check out these excellent Valorant agents that rock on Map Haven! Here’s the scoop:

1. Skye

This Initiator is a big deal in specific maps, especially in Haven. She’s a game-changer across all three sites in Valorant’s Haven.

Want to clear out players camping with the Operator? Skye’s your go-to on A Side. Her Trailblazer is a sneaky peeker, perfect for spying when your squad is launching an attack.

Skye‘s not just a healer; she’s like a battle medic for her team. And her ultimate, Guiding Light, lets her suss out enemy locations. Skye’s just epic!

2. Omen

Meet Omen, the most electrifying Controller. He’s a force to be reckoned with on any map, especially on Haven. His aggression can really throw opponents off their game.

Playing Omen on Haven? He’s the ace manipulator, keeping rivals thoroughly disoriented.

With his Shrouded Steps, he can slip past corners undetected, making Box antics on A Side quite the wild card.

His smoke can cover everything, making survival his middle name. And remember his Paranoia flash that messes with the enemy’s vision. That’s seriously cool!

3. Jett

Enter Jett, the duelist extraordinaire who’s perfect for Haven. She’s a pivotal player here, especially with her quick dodging skills from the Dash ability.

It’s not just about self-protection; Jett can also cover teammates in battle. And similar to Omen, he can obliterate enemy sightlines for swift takedowns.

Jett’s risky for her adversaries, with her dashes and ability to knock opponents away.

4. Sova

Another key Initiator for this Valorant map is Sova. He’s a game-changer with his ability to gather intel and pinpoint enemy locations, which is crucial for steering his team toward victory.

Sova’s an ace at finding enemies, using his abilities to scout and gather intel for himself and his squad.

5. Killjoy

Valorant’s top Sentinel, Killjoy, reigns supreme on Haven, too. Her turret on C Long acts as a warning to opponents.

With her Alarmbot analyzing enemy moves and Nanoswams forming strategic kill lines, she’s a post-plant securing pro.

So, when you dive into Valorant’s Haven, which agent will you pick?

Tips How to Play in Haven Valorant


Mastering Haven in Valorant can be tricky, but fear not! These game-changing tips will have you conquering the map like a pro.

Valorant is more than just a shoot-’em-up game. Like League of Legends, it’s about strategy and teamwork. And in Haven, one of the game’s six maps, there’s a lot to unpack!

1. Three’s a Crowd

Haven throws a curveball with not two but three bomb sites! Defenders, brace yourselves—patrolling three sites is no walk in the park. Effective communication is critical to ensuring no site is left vulnerable.

2. Heavenly Hell

Location names are gold. Whether it’s “Heaven” or “Hell,” knowing these spots can be a game-changer. Watch your step when descending from Heaven—it’s a long fall! And beware, foes love lurking in these areas.

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3. Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Map awareness is king! With multiple routes to each site, defenders need eyes everywhere. And attackers, be ready for surprise attacks. Aggressive defenses are the norm here, so keep those corners in check.

4. Peek-A-Bo

Corner-checking is a must! Haven’s filled with hiding spots, and enemies love to surprise. Remember those sneaky spots—they’ll come in handy!

5. Speedy Moves

Swift action is crucial. Agents like Jett and Omen offer rapid mobility across the map. Omen’s teleport ability is a game-changer, especially on a map as vast as Haven!

Now, grab those Radiant Points at UniPin and step up your Valorant game!

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