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How to Play Rank Ascendants Valorant

In 2022, Riot Games included a fresh tier called Ascendant to Valorant Competitive mode. This addition aims to enhance player distribution, ensuring a better alignment of players with their actual ranks. Ultimately, this adjustment seeks to refine matchmaking, particularly at higher levels, promoting more balanced matches.

Is Ascendant a Good Rank In Valorant?


In Valorant, ranks like Iron and Silver are where newbies or those unfamiliar with FPS games usually find themselves. Gold and Platinum house players with the basics down and can handle the game.

The majority of Valorant players fall between Silver and Platinum. Hitting Diamond marks you as a solid player, Ascendant indicates some pretty decent skills, and reaching Immortal? 

Well, that’s when your Valorant abilities become really impressive. Radiant is a league reserved for those who genuinely immerse themselves in the game, including pro players. Simply put, being part of this elite echelon is a significant achievement.

How do you escape the ascendant rank in Valorant?

Leaving the Ascendant rank in Valorant involves understanding its requirements first. Ascendant ranks above the average, demanding players to grasp the game’s mechanics and teamwork dynamics. Thus, escaping this rank requires a focus on enhancing game sense, knowledge, and teamwork abilities.

Consistent and purposeful practice is crucial to skill improvement. Observing strategies from pro players, engaging in community tournaments for practical experience, and enhancing communication within your team significantly boost winning prospects and ranking up chances.

Knowing your team role, perfecting callouts, and mastering various Valorant agents contribute to becoming an invaluable asset to your team, leading to more victories and a higher rank. 

To leave the Ascendant rank, you must elevate both individual skills and teamwork and communication—a strategy that boosts winning odds and, in turn, facilitates ranking up.

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Guide to Ascendant Rank in Valorant 


In the realm of Valorant, your prowess is marked by a ranking system, much like any online game. The more victories you achieve, the higher you ascend in rank.

Valorant’s ranking ladder is structured as follows, descending from the pinnacle to the base:

  1. Radiant (previously Valorant)
  2. Immortal
  3. Ascendant
  4. Diamond
  5. Platinum
  6. Gold
  7. Silver
  8. Bronze
  9. Iron

The journey from Iron to Immortal consists of three distinct subdivisions to traverse. For instance, one must surpass Silver 1, Silver 2, and Silver 3 ranks to transition from Silver to Gold.

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Ascending from Iron to Ascendant necessitates accumulating 100RR to advance through each tier. Upon reaching a new tier, the RR resets to 10.

Upon reaching the Immortal tier, progress requires 90RR to advance from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2 and 200RR to ascend from Immortal 2 to Immortal 3.

Upon reaching the apex rank, Radiant, the subdivision system ceases. To attain the Radiant rank, players need a minimum of 450RR while in the Immortal tier to qualify for promotion.

However, surpassing the 450RR mark in Immortal doesn’t guarantee a leap to Radiant. Only the top 500 players exceeding 450RR will acquire the prestigious Radiant title.

Players in the Immortal and Radiant echelons possess their own leaderboards, showcasing games alongside their respective ranks.

That summarizes insights into the Valorant Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant ranks. What rank have you achieved?

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