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Jai Free Fire Character: Profile, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Jai is one of many characters in the Free Fire game. Jai Free Fire character is an Indian character. It is inspired by an Indian actor, Hrithik Roshan.

Profile Jai Free Fire

This male character was born on January 10th. He likes watching movies, riding motorbikes and playing sudoku. He has an interesting story about his background. He is a son of an army. But, his father died in a war. His father told him to fight for justice so that he becomes a justice warrior. He wants Jai to protect those weak people.

His father also told him to be in the army, but later, Jai join a special force of the Indian Police (SWAT). There, he is often involved in some battles to fight many crimes in the city.

Jai Free Fire’s Strengths

In this battle royal game, Jai has a special strength named Raging Reload. By having this special strength, Jai’s gun will get reloaded automatically up to 25 % of the total capacity after taking down an opponent.

This ability will help you to save time because you don’t need much time to refill your bullets during a short-range battle. This raging reload is a passive skill because it works passively. In using passive skills, you won’t have a time limitation. You can also do continuous shooting.

Besides, as a member of SWAT, he has a very good performance in a battleship. Jai Free Fire character is considered to be the best rusher character. Hence, this character is suitable for an intense and aggressive battlefield.


Jai Free Fire’s Weaknesses

Jai’s gun is able to get reloaded up to 25 % after taking down his opponent, but this is only limited to some types of gun i.e., SMG, AR and pistol. However, for those who like using those three guns, the strength is pretty interesting if it is optimized.

The second thing about the weakness of Jai is its reload level is not up to 100 %. Thus, there will be times when you should refill your bullets manually.

Compatible Partner for Jai Free Fire

In playing Free Fire, sometimes you need the other characters for collaborating. To win a battle, you should choose a compatible character. Jai itself is compatible to collaborate with characters that use the same weapon as Jai.

The character’s examples that are compatible with Jai are Paloma, Jota, Nikita and Laura. DJ Alok and Clu also can be a good partner since they play aggressively just like Jai. Below is the characteristic of those characters.


Paloma is one of the strongest female characters in Free Fire. However, she has a bad memory of her past. Paloma was once a beauty queen that was raised in a suburban area. Every woman there admires her so much. But now she has changed.

Now she has become a symbol of evil by being a weapon trader who is obsessed with controlling the world. Paloma has an Arms dealing ability. This strength is to keep the AR bullets. This AR weapon makes it suitable to play with Jai.



Nikita is a female character in Free Fire. She was born on November 11th. professional bodyguard. To get this character, you will need 2500 gold coins. Nikita has a special ability named Fire Arms Expert. This ability helps to reload submachine guns faster.


Jota is a male Free Fire character that works as a stuntman. He comes from a middle-class family. He lives a normal life but he feels that he needs more action in his life. He lives in a place that has many skyscrapers.

Thus, he starts doing parkour and later be a parkour expert. His special ability is called ‘Sustained Raid.’. It helps him to recover from opponents who use shotguns.


Laura is a character that is well-known for her shooting ability. Her shooting ability is above the people’s average. This ability is called a ‘Sharp Shooter.’ With the ‘Sharp shooter’ ability, this 24-year-old beautiful woman’s shooting accuracy will increase. This character is recommended for those who like sniper characters.

DJ Alok

Alok is DJ from Brazil. He has a special ability named ‘Drop the Beat’. This ability makes him able to increase speed and self-healing. Thus, he doesn’t need a medkit during a battle. He only needs to look for the enemies without fearing getting hurt.

This character is so influential in the squad. With the buff that he has, the team will confidently fight the enemies without worrying about getting hurt.

At last, those are the profiles of the Jai Free Fire character. It is an Indian character, inspired by an Indian actor. The same as the other characters, this male character has certain strengths and weaknesses. The special ability that it has makes it great to be played on an intense and aggressive battlefield.

In some collaborations, it is compatible to be played with some characters such as Jota, Laura, DJ Alok, Nikita, and Paloma. By choosing a compatible partner, the characters will get an optimum result. Hence, in playing this game don’t forget to combine compatible characters only.

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