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Know More About Melee Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Only in PUBG Mobile, several emergency equipment or what is known as melee weapons are used. It must be used when playing this game. Here are recommendations for PUBG Mobile melee weapons that have grievous damage. Which one do you want?

Melee weapons in the PUBG Mobile game are tools and items used for daily needs. These tools must be considered because they generally have painful damage.

This type of melee weapon can be used in a one-on-one situation. However, if you are in a big or long-distance war with more targets, there are better choices than melee weapons.

4 Melee Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Interested in using this type of weapon? The following is a recommendation for PUBG Mobile melee weapons with grievous damage. Use one while playing the game.

1. Crowbars


You can find this crowbar-shaped weapon when looting in the house. This weapon is useful for building tools like pulling nails or prying things. It should be admitted that the Crowbar is an iconic tool for robbers in carrying out their actions, but not in PUBG Mobile. The Crowbar is an alternative weapon used for brawls, meaning war.

For the body damage itself, Crowbar reaches 60 damage per hit, while the head damage reaches 90 damage per hit. Even so, the Crowbar is only one of the popular melee weapons. It tends to be often ignored. Plus, Crowbar is a melee weapon with the lowest damage for now.

2. Machetes


Who doesn’t know the machete? This one weapon is generally included in online and console games that contain the concept of battle or war. Weapons that are excellent for Indonesia are also very familiar with this weapon.

The machete is also one of the neglected weapons. Even though it has more significant damage than Crowbar, more is needed to make this machete the player’s choice. For body damage, it is the same as Crowbar, which is 60 damage per hit, but in terms of head damage, it is very high, reaching 90. In open combat, melee fights are a good choice.

3. Sickles


This is a farmer’s tool for cutting grass or cutting weeds, but in PUBG Mobile, you can use it to fight each other using it.

Sickles can be said to be a machete in another form. It has the same body damage as a machete, which is 60 damage per hit plus 90 head damage per hit. Sickles are also not very popular in the game. It’s no wonder this weapon should be addressed.

4. Pan


This is the most popular of the many melee weapons. Even Pan has many skins that state that this is an iconic weapon owned by PUBG Mobile. Besides that, many YouTubers do Pan Challenge to the enemy, and it’s funny when they manage to beat the enemy using Pan.

Pan is actually a cooking tool, but in PUBG Mobile, it is an invincible weapon, not even going to be penetrated by any bullets. You could say imbalance! In fact, this is an alternative to avoiding butt attacks that could accidentally protect you.

Pan is the most painful and powerful weapon because of the damage it produces per hit. Just imagine that one strike to the body can make 80 damage per hit, almost equivalent to the head damage of a Crowbar. The head damage is fantastic, 200 damage per hit, the highest for all weapon sizes in PUBG Mobile.

So it’s not imaginary that this weapon often becomes the prima donna even though it can be said to be unnatural, but still, this weapon cannot be ignored. Imagine that with a bang on the head, you can immediately kill the enemy on the spot.

For now, PUBG Mobile has only released these four melee weapons. Whether there will be additional weapons in the future has yet to be known. However, these skins can change weapons such as Crowbar, which becomes a Staff that only changes its outer appearance.

For the use of each melee weapon, it remains the same. You need to pay attention and aim for the head first because the damage produced can drop the enemy quickly. The above damage will only occur if the enemy is not wearing armor or a helmet. Attack damage will vary depending on the level of armor and helmet used, although not too significant.

Those are some things about melee weapons in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully this article will be useful for you in playing PUBG Mobile. If you want to maximize it, you can Top Up PUBG Mobile on UniPin now!

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