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Guinevere Mobile Legends: Lore, Builds, And Gameplay

Belonging to the Fighter class of heroes, Mobile Legend Guinevere is a versatile melee hero. She primarily deals with Magic damage and can knock enemies airborne for an extended period of time.

Along with Lancelot, she is a character from Arthurian legends. In the legends, she is the wife of King Arthur, while Lancelot is a member of the Knights of the Round Table. She was an unfaithful wife and had an illicit affair with Lancelot. Interestingly, in the game’s lore, her relationship with Lancelot is that of a sibling, being Lancelot’s younger sister.

Guinevere Mobile Legends: Lore

Lore Guinevere

Guinevere is a daughter of the fierce and elegant Baroque family, one of the few nobles in the Land of Dawn. Even though the Baroques are famous for their fencing skills, the young lady paid no interest to her family’s forte. Instead, aware of her sensitive spiritual perception, she has taken an interest in magic.

The young lady, as young as ten at the time, successfully combined her mental perception with supernatural energy, creating an array of magical effects. She would often experiment with new magic on her elder brother, Lancelot. The young lady often caused him several headaches due to her conduct, but the young master loves his kid sister, nonetheless.

Due to her magical prowess, the young lady entered Magic Academy and set out to become one of their most prominent students. As a result of her education, her mastery over anti-gravity magic has become her new forte. Even after graduating from the Academy, the young lady keeps honing her skills and abilities.

Recently, the young lady has been plagued by doubtful thoughts. Her family has been proposed to in marriage by House Paxley, another noble family with higher status than House Baroque. Her father seemed more than willing to accept this marriage proposal, which means the young lady would be the perfect candidate to be married off to.

While searching for her brother, the young Baroque met the fourth son of House Paxley, a strange fellow called Gusion. The young Paxley had a similar situation with her, being a swordmaster in the family known for their magical prowess. Their similarity drew them closer, while love for each other was budding inside their heart.

The young lady left on her own during the marriage discussion between both parties, and the Paxleys guaranteed that their magicians would find her and bring her home unharmed. The young lady eventually arrived at Swan Lake after a battle with her pursuer. When another party of magicians stands in her way, preventing her from going further, she can’t hold back her anger any longer and bursts out at them.

Guinevere Mobile Legends Builds

Guinevere Mobile Legends Builds

Mobile Legends Guinevere specializes in crowd control and deals hefty Magic damage to enemies. Her Passive skill makes her deal increased damage to airborne enemies, as well as making her fifth Basic Attack deal increased damage and heals 5% HP. Her first skill slows enemies, while her second skill knocks enemies airborne in the skill’s AoE. Her Ultimate juggles airborne enemies around her and makes her invulnerable to crowd control effects, except Suppressions.

Ideally, Mobile Legends Guinevere builds should focus on increasing her overall damage. Arcane Boots, Concentrated Energy, Calamity Reaper, and Holy Crystal are must-have items. Arcane Boots is a staple for Heroes specializing in Magic damage, giving +10 Magic penetration and +40 Movement speed.

Concentrated Energy sustains her survivability by giving +700 HP and +25% Magic lifesteal, while increasing Magic power by 70. Calamity Reaper and Holy Crystal increase her damage-dealing capabilities. Calamity Reaper gives +10% cooldown reduction, +6% Mana regens, +100 Mana, and +70 Magic power, as well as additional damage. Meanwhile, Holy Crystal grants +100 Magic power and, according to the character’s level, additional 20%-35% Magic power.

Depending on the focus of your Guinevere build, the following items support different aspects of her ability. If you are focusing on burst damage or her overall offense, you can use Necklace of Durance and Genius Wand. If you are balancing her offense and defense, use Blood Wing alongside Immortality and switch Calamity Reapers with Ice Queen Wand.

The offensive set will give you a total of +135 Magic power, +5% Movement speed, +5% Cooldown reduction, +10% Magic lifesteal, and +15 Magical penetration. On the other hand, the more balanced set grants you +1300 HP, +40 Physical defense, +225 Magic power, +10% Magic lifesteal, +150 Mana, and +7% Movement speed.


gameplay guinevere

Her crowd control aspects make her suitable for EXP Lane and Gold Lane since her skills can hit multiple enemies at once. Use her skills in the order of 2-1-Ulti. This guarantees a fast combo suitable for clearing minions. The effective combo for more advanced enemies like the opposing Heroes is 2-Ulti-1, followed by a Basic attack.

One thing to note is always cast her Ultimate skill AFTER knocking enemies airborne. The skill’s effect will juggle the enemies airborne six more times, making it difficult for them to survive your annihilation.

Lemon from the Mobile Legends division of Rex Regum Qeon’s esports team made a gameplay video on how to use Guinevere, showing the fearsome Fighter Guinevere really is.

Mobile Legends Guinevere can be bought in-game and costs either 32000 BP (Battle Points) or 599 Diamonds. If you haven’t yet, top-up your Diamonds in UniPin and try using Guinevere in your matches!

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