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Selecting the Perfect Character for Golden Troupe Users in Genshin Impact

The Golden Troupe artifact set debuted alongside the Marechaussee Hunter during the launch of the Fontaine update (Genshin Impact 4.0). This collection of artifacts is tailored for support or off-field characters, enhancing Elemental Skill DMG even when the surface is not actively participating in combat. This piece will delve into comprehensive recommendations for utilizing the Golden Troupe artifact set with various characters.

Ideal Character Pairing: Fischl

The Golden Troupe set harmonizes remarkably well with Fischl because her Elemental Skill can inflict damage without her physical presence on the battlefield. This unique attribute allows her to capitalize on the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses fully. This setup positions Fischl as a Sub-DPS who can deploy her companion Oz and seamlessly transition into a primary DPS role.

For characters heavily reliant on Elemental Skill damage, the 2-piece effect of the Golden Troupe set imparts notable advantages. Nevertheless, assessing other artifact options that cater more specifically to these characters’ needs is essential.

On the contrary, the 4-piece bonus of the Golden Troupe set necessitates the character’s absence from the field when their Elemental Skill is not in use. This strategic approach is pivotal in maximizing the set bonus’s effectiveness.

Domain Locations for Obtaining the Golden Troupe Set


The Golden Troupe set can be acquired from the Denouement of Sin domain in the Belleau region within Fontaine. This set is obtainable alongside the Marechaussee Hunter set, which comes in both 4-star and 5-star rarity tiers. The Marechaussee Hunter set is tailored for offensive characters who heavily employ Charged Attacks.

Golden Troupe Artifact Set Bonus Details

When a character equipped with the Golden Troupe artifact set is not actively present on the field, there is a 25% increase in Elemental Skill DMG. This effect endures as long as the character remains off the field and dissipates within 2 seconds of the character’s return. To illustrate the concept, let’s take the example of Yae Miko utilizing the Golden Troupe set.

Upon applying the artifact, Yae Miko initially experienced a 20% augmentation in Elemental Skill DMG. For instance, if her Elemental Skill deals 2,000 DMG without any artifacts, the increase would amount to 400, thus raising the DMG to 2,400.

Upon embracing the whole set, there is an additional 25% boost to Elemental Skill DMG from the outset when employing two sets. Consequently, Yae Miko’s previously 2,400 DMG received a 25% increase, leading to an amplification of 600 and a total DMG of 3,000.

When Yae Miko is positioned outside the combat area or another character is active within the party, the Golden Troupe’s effect bestows an extra 25% Elemental Skill DMG on Yae’s pillar fox.

Summing up the effects, Yae experiences a total DMG augmentation of 3,750 through this approach to Elemental Skills, gaining an additional 750 DMG. Hence, Yae’s cumulative enhancement in Elemental Skill DMG isn’t solely 70% but rather a combination of 20%, 25%, and 25%.

Optimal Character Recommendations and Sets Used


The Golden Troupe artifact set spotlights the reinforcement of Elemental Skill damage. Employing all four sets of Golden Troupe artifacts is most suitable for characters capable of providing support outside the field or in off-field scenarios.

In essence, users of this artifact set gravitate towards builds prioritizing Elemental Skills as the cornerstone of their character kits. Characters that emphasize Elemental Burst or Normal Attacks might find this artifact less fitting.

With a 2-set configuration, numerous characters can embrace this artifact, especially those of the Dendro element. Characters such as Alhaitham, Kaveh, Nahida, and Baizhu stand to benefit if they boast high Elemental Skill DMG.

Additionally, supporting characters like Kazuha, Xiangling, or Xingqiu can integrate this artifact using a 2-set arrangement. The most compatible candidates for a full 4-piece set or complete Golden Troupe utilization are Fischl, Yae Miko, and Albedo.

When employed in a supportive capacity, these three characters center their kits around optimizing DMG stemming from Elemental Skills. For instance, Fischl deploys Oz, Yae Miko utilizes Sesshou Sakura, and Albedo creates Solar Isotoma.

These recommendations encompass the utilization of the Golden Troupe artifact set. Players can acquire this set starting from update 4.0 by exploring the new Fontaine region map. For Top Up Genesis Crystal, consider reputable sources like UniPin, which offers an economical, secure, and swift process.

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