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Super Tanky! Best Build Gepard Honkai Star: Rail

Gepard emerged as a rare Preservation or tank hero upon the launch of Honkai: Star Rail. As the exclusive five-star tank obtainable through Gacha, he is undoubtedly the game’s premier tank.

His distinction extends beyond mere numerical superiority, owed to his elevated five-star stats. Gepard excels as a tank, absorbing damage and shielding the team, all the while demonstrating proficiency in crowd control to manage the ebb and flow of combat skillfully.

Before learning more about Gepard Honkai Star: Rail and its build, you can also learn about Build Clara Honkai Star: Rail, which will help you maximize your game even more interestingly!

Build Gepard Honkai Star: Rail

This Gepard Honkai Star Rail setup has the potential to significantly enhance the durability of the Jarilo-VI character, making them a formidable opponent to overcome. Are you curious about the specifics of this build? Currently, in Honkai Star Rail, Gepard is regarded as the top-tier choice for a tank character, especially when the build is optimized.

Suppose you’re interested in discovering the optimal build for the Silvermane Guards’ captain in patch 1.2. In that case, you’ve come to the right place!

Top Light Cone Choices for Gepard


When considering Gepard’s suitability as a tank, Defense is undoubtedly the primary attribute to focus on. However, unlike the Fire-based Trailblazer, Gepard lacks a skill that guarantees enemy attacks. To compensate for this vulnerability, you can rely on Light Cone options.

Landau’s Preference: Landau’s Choice boasts a distinctive effect – it increases the likelihood of opponents targeting the Light Cone user. This effect aligns perfectly with Gepard’s goal of absorbing as many enemy attacks as possible.

Day One of My Fresh Start: Another viable approach to mitigating Gepard’s weaknesses is to harness the damage reduction capabilities offered by this Light Cone.

Optimal Light Cone Selection for Gepard

As previously highlighted, Gepard’s primary requirement is Defense. However, there’s an additional need for robust Energy Regeneration, considering he solely offers shields through his Ultimate ability. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity to potentially enhance Hit Rate Effects to freeze opponents with his skill.

  • Knight of the Purity Palace: This set is essential for Gepard, as all shield and damage calculations for this character rely on Defense.
  • Belobog of the Architects: When it comes to Defense effects, the Belobog set stands as the sole Planar option, leaving you with no superior alternatives.

Ideal Team Composition and Gepard’s Playstyle


Gepard can fit into any team composition due to his ability to provide shields and protect all party members. The key is to position him at the outermost edge of the opponent’s area of effect, which affects only one teammate.

Playing Gepard is manageable. His primary objective revolves around obtaining and frequently using his Ultimate ability. Consequently, he may occasionally employ his skills.

It’s crucial to be strategic in skill deployment. Target opponents who have yet to attack or are expected to do so, especially boss characters, to freeze the affected opponents.

After finding out more about Relics and Light Cone from Gepard, which is very Tanky, you can use several Himeko builds, which are indeed very mysterious. This can be one of your benchmarks when playing Honkai Star: Rail.

Skill Upgrade Sequence

Apart from relics and light cones, it is also essential for us to know the proper trace sequence to increase the level. Here’s the order:

  • Ultimate
  • Skills
  • Normal Attack
  • Talent

This should be your priority because Gepard’s shield is tied to his ultimate. Only after that, move on to skills. What do you think? With this Gepard Honkai Star Rail build, your Gepard can withstand a lot of blows!

Those are some things about Gepard Honkai Star: Rail that you can learn more about. We hope this article is helpful for you! Remember always to Top Up Mobile Gaming only on UniPin!

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