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The PP-19 Bizon BGMI: A Russian Gem

Are you a BGMI enthusiast who’s always seeking the inside scoop on weapons and strategies? Well, today we’re delving into the intriguing world of the PP-19 Bizon – a submachine gun that’s rumored to be making its way to BGMI Mobile after already making waves in the PC version with its 25th update.

Ever wondered about the PP-19 Bizon in BGMI? Let’s dive into its origins and get some pro tips on wielding this sleek submachine gun in your BGMI adventures.

What is PP-19 Bizon

The PP-19 Bizon, chambered for 9mm bullets, has quite the backstory. It was crafted in 1993 in Russia under the watchful eye of Victor Kalashnikov, the mastermind behind the iconic AK-47 and AK-74. Handling the design was none other than Alexei Dragunov, the son of Evgeny Dragunov, creator of the SVD sniper rifle.

This submachine gun came into existence at the request of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, intended for use by elite counter-terrorist units and law enforcement agencies. What makes it special? It’s a lightweight weapon that can fire in semi-automatic, burst, and fully automatic modes from a closed bolt, resulting in remarkable accuracy. If you’re a player who thrives in close-quarters combat, the PP-19 Bizon might just be your new best friend.

Tips How to Play PP-19 Bizon in BGMI Mobile


Looking at the stats, the PP-19 Bizon proves to be a valuable find, especially at the start of the game. Upon landing in the heat of battle, particularly at hotspots, seize the opportunity to snatch up the PP-19 Bizon in BGMI Mobile.

Use it to clear the immediate area or settle skirmishes before transitioning to an Assault Rifle for versatility. Keep in mind, though, this weapon isn’t your best bet against foes more than 100 meters away, as its bullet speed in such scenarios leaves something to be desired. But, take heart, as recent buffs have upped its damage.

If you come across this weapon early in the game, hold onto it until you’ve eradicated all nearby adversaries. Once the coast is clear, switch to an Assault Rifle for improved performance in the later stages of the game.

Delving deeper into its stats, you’ll find that the PP-19 Bizon doesn’t shine as brightly in late-game scenarios. It excels in close to medium-range engagements but falls short when pitted against distant targets due to its sluggish bullet speed. Nevertheless, it’s a superb choice for early-game mayhem, thanks to its manageable recoil and minimal reload hassles.

For those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PP-19 Bizon in BGMI Mobile, the good news is that it’s on its way, slated to be introduced in an upcoming update. This nifty submachine gun marks the fifth entry in the SMG category and relies on 9mm ammo to do its magic. Keep your eyes peeled for it on the Erangel and Vikendi maps, and revel in its generous 53-round magazine.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to the PP-19 Bizon. If you still have questions or need further insights, don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comments section below.

PP-19 Bizon: A Magazine-Free Marvel


One standout feature of this Russian gem is its impressive bullet capacity without the need for additional magazine attachments. Forget the standard 30 rounds – the PP-19 Bizon starts with a whopping 53. This ammo abundance is a significant advantage, especially in the early game when your opponents are still gathering attachments.

Thanks to its unique helical magazine, the PP-19 Bizon eliminates the need for a lower rail. Even without this attachment, the weapon maintains excellent control, making it ideal for newcomers to the game. You’ll only need two attachments: a Muzzle and Sight.

While it may not pack a heavy punch, the PP-19 Bizon offers a slight edge in terms of low recoil, making it easy to handle. It may lag behind UMP9 and Vector in damage, but it compensates with a discreet shooting profile that helps you eliminate close-range foes without drawing undue attention.

Close-Range Carnage

The PP-19 Bizon excels at swift and accurate close-range takedowns, thanks to its high precision and bullet speed. Utilizing 9mm ammunition, this submachine gun truly shines when your targets are within 100-200 meters.

For optimizing its close-range capabilities, consider attachments like the 2x Aimpoint Scope or Holographic Sight. And if you want to enhance control, the Compensator or Flash Hider can help you eliminate enemies with ninja-like stealth.

Now that you’re armed with insights about the PP-19 Bizon in BGMI, why not jump into the game and give it a whirl? And don’t forget, for all your BGMI needs, make sure to top up BGMI on UniPin now!

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