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Tips for Using Alice MLBB Until Auto Win

Alice MLBB, a powerful Mage hero in Mobile Legends, possesses exceptional abilities, including absorbing her opponent’s HP using her unique skills. With her potent powers, Alice is an excellent choice for engaging in Wars or team fights.

To enhance Alice’s capabilities, UniPin is eager to share some valuable tips for playing Alice in Mobile Legends. Curious about the recommendations? Read on to discover the insights provided in this article.

Introduction to Alice MLBB

Alice is one of the most popular mage heroes in the Mobile Legends meta. Following her revamp, she is now a preferred choice. Notably, Alice possesses impressive Lifesteal abilities. Let’s delve into Alice’s skills in Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill – Blood Ancestry

Alice’s passive skill, Blood Ancestry, is a stackable ability. Each Blood Orb generated from eliminating minions around Alice permanently increases her Max HP by ten and restores 50 mana. After absorbing 12/25/50 Blood Orbs, Alice gains various permanent bonuses, such as a 10% Cooldown Reduction, a shield, an HP restoration, or a 40-movement speed boost.

Skill 1 – Flowing Blood

Flowing Blood is Alice’s first skill, allowing her to attack opponents by shooting a stream of Blood in a predetermined direction. This skill inflicts 400 Magic Damage and 120% magic power on the opponent. When used twice, Alice can blink back to the last place where her first skill was stopped.

Skill 2 – Blood Awe

Blood Awe is Alice’s second skill, enabling her to attack opponents with a magical beat. This skill deals 270 magic damage plus 90% of her magical power. Additionally, hitting the opponent with this skill immobilizes them for 1.2 seconds and slows them down by 70% for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate Skill – Blood Ode

Alice’s ultimate skill, Blood Ode, allows her to enter Blood Draining mode, granting her access to life steal. This top skill inflicts substantial damage but requires proper mana management to avoid running out of mana during its use.

Recommended Build for Alice


Picking the appropriate build for Alice is crucial in maximizing her Magic Damage output. Check these articles out!

  1. Demon Shoes: This item enhances Alice’s movement speed by 40 points and provides additional mana.
  2. Clock of Destiny: Offers increased Magic Power, HP, and ample mana, making Alice’s attacks stronger and deadlier.
  3. Lightning Truncheon: Amplifies Magic Damage to the three closest enemies every 6 seconds, suitable for mage heroes like Alice with Burst Damage and high mana.
  4. Immortality: Increases Alice’s HP by +800, aiding her survivability in battles and providing a passive resurrection effect upon death.
  5. Holy Crystals: This item further suppresses opponents, providing a scaling increase in Magic Attack based on the hero’s level and +100 Magic Power.
  6. Ice Queen Wand: Slows down opponents, allowing Alice to defend her territory and eliminate opponents swiftly.

Tips for Playing Alice MLBB


Apart from recognizing Alice’s skills and building. You need to know more about Alice Tips, which you should implement further and maximize the game.

1. Choose the Experience Lane or Mid Lane

Alice’s versatility allows her to excel in the mid-lane, where she can assist teammates quickly with her teleportation move. She can also play independently in the experience lane, engaging in solo duels against enemy fighters.

2. Master Skill Combos

Effective skill combos are crucial for attacking opponents. Utilizing a combination of skills, such as using skill 1 to approach the opponent, teleporting with skill one again when the smoke hits the opponent, using skill 2 to immobilize them, and finally using the ultimate (skill 3) to drain their HP, will maximize Alice’s potential.

3. Collect Blood Orbs

Alice’s passive skill, Blood Ancestry, becomes more potent with more collected Blood Orbs. Thus, players should gather as many Blood Orbs as possible during the game.

4. Utilize Skill 1 for Mobility

Alice’s Flowing Blood skill is a source of considerable Magic Damage and an escape tool or a means to chase opponents. It can even penetrate obstacles like walls.

5. Engage with Ultimate Skill

Alice’s Blood Ode (Skill 3) allows her to absorb opponents’ HP and restore her own. This skill can be a game-changer during Wars or team fights. It’s recommended to activate the Blood Ode skill, engage in battle using Flowing Blood, immobilize opponents with Blood Awe, and support the team’s initiation. However, ensure the team is ready to fight before initiating the attack.

By following these tips and using the recommended build, players can unleash Alice’s full potential and become formidable forces on the battlefield. To maximize Alice’s game, you can top up MLBB on UniPin. Because at UniPin, you can get various benefits ranging from promos, and discounts, to merchandise.

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