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Top 10 Penalty Takers Revealed in EA FC 24

For players seeking consistent success in penalty kicks within EA Sports FC 24, mastering the skills of these top penalty takers is crucial.

Penalty kicks in EA Sports FC 24 remain relatively unchanged from FIFA 23, where stopping the timer in the green zone ensures a well-placed shot on target. 

However, goalkeepers seem more adept at blocking shots, highlighting the importance of skilled penalty-takers who can deliver unstoppable shots from the 12-yard mark.

Top 10 Penalty Takers Revealed in EA FC 24

Identifying the best penalty-takers involves considering various factors beyond just the penalty rating. 

Composure, shot power, and signature styles significantly impact players’ ability to convert penalties.

Harry Kane

Penalty Takers EA FC

Harry Kane, renowned for his penalty-taking abilities, boasts a rating of 92, supported by impressive shot power and composure attributes. 

While lacking specific play styles tailored for penalties, Kane’s overall stats make him a reliable choice for penalty duties despite occasional scrutiny over his performances.

Borja Iglesias

Real Betis’ striker, Borja Iglesias, may not be a household name, but his impressive penalty rating 92 makes him a formidable penalty-taker. 

Despite relatively lower composure and shot power stats, Iglesias’ high penalty rating ensures a high success rate from the spot.

Bruno Fernandes

Renowned for his penalty-taking prowess, Bruno Fernandes holds a formidable penalty rating of 90, complemented by impressive shot power and composure stats. 

Despite lacking specific play styles tailored for penalties, Fernandes’ overall stats make him a reliable option for crucial penalty moments.

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Robert Lewandowski

Penalty Takers EA FC

Robert Lewandowski, the striker from Barca, has long been trusted with penalty duties thanks to his exceptional penalty rating of 90. 

With high shot power and composure attributes, coupled with helpful play styles like power and finesse shots, Lewandowski offers diverse options for successful penalty conversions.

Alexia Putellas

Alexia Putellas, the Spanish superstar, boasts a well-rounded game with a penalty rating of 91. 

With elite stats across the board, including composure, curve, shot power, and finesse shot play style, Putellas stands out as the premier female penalty-taker in the game.

James Tavernier

James Tavernier, the seasoned English player from Rangers, boasts a modest overall rating of 78. Despite this, his remarkable penalty rating of 90 and signature penalty style sets him apart as a specialist in converting penalty kicks. 

With decent shot power and composure stats, Tavernier’s finesse shot and deadball play styles make him a compelling choice for taking penalties.

Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez, the Mexican striker, shares a penalty rating 92 with Iglesias. While lacking slightly in composure and shot power.

Jimenez’s decent curve rating makes him a well-rounded penalty-taker, relying heavily on his accuracy from the spot.

Neymar Jr.

Penalty Takers EA FC

Neymar Jr., known for his unique penalty-taking style, boasts a penalty rating of 91, supported by impressive composure and curve attributes. 

Despite moderate shot power, Neymar’s signature penalty style and trickery make him a formidable goalkeeper opponent.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite facing a career transition to Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a formidable penalty-taker with a rating of 90. 

Known for his power shots and signature penalty style, Ronaldo’s high composure and shot power make him a force to be reckoned with from the penalty spot.

Megan Rapinoe

Despite her advancing career stage, Megan Rapinoe maintains a remarkable penalty rating of 91, paired with high composure and curve attributes. 

Rapinoe remains one of the top female penalty-takers with decent shot power and dead-ball play style.

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