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Upcoming Heroes EA FC Mobile Event Unveiled

Prepare for the imminent arrival of the Heroes EA FC Mobile event in the game, which is set to commence on Thursday (29/2). This event will take the spotlight from the recently concluded Team of the Year (TOTY), offering a fresh and engaging experience for players who have relished the excitement of the past five weeks.

The Heroes FC Mobile event is slated to be the focal point for the upcoming month, accompanied by various supplementary events unfolding during the same period. According to leaks, the event is designed to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.

During the Heroes FC Mobile event, participants can anticipate introducing new card players, featuring iconic figures celebrated for their heroic contributions to their clubs and countries. The event encompasses eight distinct chapters, each presenting opportunities to accrue numerous prizes.

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Heroes EA FC Mobile Event Details

event heroes ea fc

As revealed in the 34th live FC Mobile Episode, a clearer picture of the Heroes FC Mobile event has emerged, providing insights into what players can expect. Here’s a breakdown of the event:

Main Chapter

This section encompasses various tabs, including Star Pass, Heroes Quest (missions), Exchange Heroes, Heroes Challenge, and Heroes Offer (Store). 

Additionally, players can obtain milestone rewards from the three chapters featured throughout the event, such as The Motor, Trickybeas (Full Throttle), The Conductor (Midfield Symphony), and Flashfreeze (Fire and Ice).

Heroes Expedition and Heroes Puzzle

The Heroes Expedition chapter offers multiple activities throughout the event, enabling players to earn Heroes Tickets at Heroes Academy for exchange in the Heroic Folder. 

Notably, there’s a Heroes Assemble tab revealing the Heroes players on each team from A to E. The Heroes Expedition mission, playable twice daily, provides opportunities for substantial rewards and Heroes Puzzle pieces, leading to additional prizes.

Heroes Chapter – The Motorcycle

This chapter, spotlighting Chelsea’s hero Ramires in the UEFA Champions League, offers daily missions to collect The Motor Tokens. 

Players can utilize these tokens to unlock the Reward Path progressively, ultimately granting the choice of one of three main prizes on The Motor tab: an untradeable card of Ramires (CDM, OVR 93), Universal Rank Player Mascherano, or an untradeable card pack rated 90-97.

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Rotating Weekly Heroes Chapters

New Heroes chapters, such as Trickybeas (DaMarcus Beasley), The Conductor (Tomáš Rosický), Flash Freeze (Dimitar Berbatov), and The Arctic Soldier (John Arne Riise), will be introduced weekly. These chapters are expected to mirror The Motor, offering diverse gameplay experiences and the chance to acquire enticing prizes.

Exchange Updates

The Exchange feature will also undergo enhancements, with reports suggesting the opportunity to obtain a Rudi Völler card (ST, OVR 97), adding an appealing dimension to the event.

With eight chapters in the Heroes FC Mobile event, participants can pursue a myriad of prizes throughout the event’s duration, spanning over a month. Seize this opportunity and make the most of the exciting rewards awaiting you!

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