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Top Physical Players in EA FC 24

Physical Players – With the imminent release of EA Sports FC 24 on September 29, eager fans can anticipate diving into the game’s entire player ratings database. 

We’ve been granted early access to this comprehensive database, allowing us to provide extensive coverage on all things related to EA FC 24!

Our coverage extends to in-depth analyses of beloved game modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs. Additionally, we’ve spotlighted the speediest players in FC 24 and the tallest female players featured in the game.

Physical players play a significant role in EA FC 24, just as it does with the players. We’ve identified diverse players boasting the highest physical players statistics in the upcoming game. 

Fans may recall past standouts like Adama Traore, Adebayo Akinfenwa, and Emmanuel Emenike, all of whom have left lasting impressions. It’s worth noting that similar players in EA FC 24 could potentially become cult heroes among gamers.

Top Physical Players in EA FC 24

The Ultimate Team mode in EA FC 24 is poised to deliver an unprecedented experience, especially with the inclusion of female players, expanding the diversity of available cards within the game mode! 

Numerous lists showcasing outstanding passers and defensive stalwarts now prominently feature women’s players, indicating their substantial presence in teams this season!

1. Denzel Dumfries

Denzel Dumfries emerges as the standout figure, having been a runner-up in the Champions League last season with Inter Milan. 

Representing the Netherlands, Dumfries boasts an impressive overall physicality rating of 89.5, surpassing all other base cards. 

Despite a slightly lower aggression stat, his exceptional jumping at 92 and stamina at 94 enable him to maneuver effortlessly across the field. 

Renowned for his prowess in both attacking and defensive roles, Dumfries, with his 87 sprint speed, earns his status as an essential player, capable of operating effectively along the entire right flank.

2. Joao Palhinha

Joao Palhinha may not initially strike many as a top choice for Premier League midfielders in EA FC due to his lack of pace. 

However, delving deeper, he emerges as the game’s second most physically imposing figure. 

Despite a relatively modest TOTW card rating of 85, Palhinha’s base card exhibits formidable physical players, notably an overall physicality rating of 89, highlighted by an impressive aggression score 94.  With his Xbox price below 20,000 coins, opting for this superior option makes perfect sense.

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3. Moussa Marega

Moussa Marega, though not currently plying his trade in Europe like some of his counterparts, has left his mark in continental competitions during his time with Porto. 

Initially positioned as a right midfielder, Marega’s versatility allows him to excel as a right winger or striker, owing to his remarkable speed and well-rounded attributes. 

Despite being rated at 74 as a shiny silver card, his standout features include a sprint speed of 92 and a solid physicality rating of 89, making him a formidable presence on the field, albeit with potential chemistry concerns due to his league affiliation.

4. Geoffrey Kondogbia

Geoffrey Kondogbia, representing the Central African Republic, showcases his prowess as a versatile player capable of seamlessly transitioning to a defensive midfield role. 

Playing for Ligue 1 side Marseille, Kondogbia possesses a deadly shot and impressive physical players stats, boasting 88 jumping, 88 stamina, and 92 strength on EA FC. His all-round abilities make him a valuable defensive enforcer in any lineup.

5. Joelinton

When discussing Brazilian midfielders, Joelinton’s transformation from a troubled attacker to a pivotal figure in Newcastle United’s midfield is remarkable. 

Alongside Sandro Tonali and Bruno Guimaraes, Joelinton adds a combative edge to the team with balanced stats, including an impressive 91 jumping. 

With attributes like 84 dribbling, three-star skill moves, and a high work rate, Joelinton emerges as an economical yet practical option for any Premier League team, whether in Ultimate Team or career mode.

6. Casemiro

While Pepe boasts three European titles with Real Madrid, Casemiro surpasses him with an impressive tally of five, including the iconic three consecutive victories. 

Now donning the jersey for Manchester United, Casemiro finds himself in the twilight of his career. 

His attributes shine with 89 interceptions, 89 standing tackle, and 91 aggression, culminating in a total physicality rating of 88. Despite his prowess, speed-oriented players might seek alternatives.

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7. Dani de Wit

Transitioning from one Dutch talent to another, midfielder Dani de Wit commands attention. Representing AZ Alkmaar, his remarkable stamina at 94 ensures he remains a force until the final whistle. 

Although lacking in exceptional jumping and strength, his stamina and a hefty 92 aggression solidify his value within any squad.

8. Wout Weghorst

Formerly gracing the fields of Burnley and Manchester United, Wout Weghorst now plies his trade with Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga. 

Demonstrating prowess both in physicality and attacking, Weghorst, a 77-rated gold card, is a versatile asset capable of slotting into the center forward position. 

He offers considerable utility with an aggression rating of 87 and an overall physicality of 88, though his pace remains a potential drawback.

9. Pepe

Across the European stage, Pepe, now 40, continues to exert his influence. Accumulating three Champions League titles and two league triumphs with Porto, his return to the club has only enhanced his laurels. 

Despite waning stamina typical of his age, his impressive jumping at 91 and aggression at 94 contribute to an overall physicality rating of 87.

10. Enzo Copetti

Venturing across continents, Enzo Copetti represents a rarity on this list, being one of the two players not currently active in Europe. 

Transitioning from Argentina to Major League Soccer with Charlotte FC, Copetti’s sophomore season in the US showcases his abilities. 

Despite his silver card status, his attributes shine with 93 jumping, 91 stamina, and a four-star weak foot, making him a standout prospect in EA FC.

Those are some things about physical players in EA FC, hopefully this article can help you and don’t forget to always Top Up EA FC only on UniPin right now!

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