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Fix Annoying Squad Update Issuein EA FC 24

The past week witnessed a fix recurrence within the FC 24 community as multiple errors surfaced following the deployment of a Squad Update.

The Squad Update, rolled out on March 6, unfortunately introduced a slew of embarrassing mistakes, including the addition of players named ‘FakePlayer’ and two individuals aged just 15.

Fortunately, EA has promptly rectified these mishaps, and players can now download the latest Squad Update to enjoy a smoother experience!

Fix Annoying Squad Update Issuein EA FC 24

EA recently issued a new Squad Update for FC 24 following the discovery of various player-related glitches in the previous version.

On March 6, a Squad Update was rolled out, leading to the emergence of two players identified as ‘FakePlayer,’ alongside the accidental inclusion of two 15-year-olds. 

Notably, one of these youngsters was Wesley Okoduwa from Wolves, boasting an unexpectedly high potential rating of 87 despite his status at the youth level and absence from the first team.

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Moreover, Okoduwa’s in-game depiction was notably inaccurate, raising questions about its authenticity.

The situation took a bizarre turn when one of the ‘FakePlayers’ was revealed to be Seamus Coleman from Everton, inexplicably depicted as a member of Shenzhen FC in the Chinese Super League.

In response to these issues, EA promptly released a new Squad Update on March 7, swiftly removing both ‘FakePlayers’ and the misrepresented teenagers, who may be reintroduced at a later time.

In a positive development, numerous promising young talents, including the likes of Luka Vuskovic, a future star for Tottenham Hotspur, have been added to the game, boasting impressive attributes and potential.

This month alone, three Squad Updates have been launched for FC 24, with more anticipated in the near future as EA endeavors to ensure accurate representation of real-life developments.

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