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Understanding 2 Things Before Playing Freya Mobile Legends

Freya Mobile Legends is ideal for those who need a strong fighter. Take her to be part of your team war in Mobile Legends. She will be the best choice to win the battle.

This post informs you about her superiorities and best build. It lets you use this hero in the right way. The below explanation helps you to understand better her superiorities and best build.

What is Freya Great Superiorities?

freya skill

By knowing her superiorities, players can optimize her role. It helps her to beat the enemy on the battlefield. Let us learn how to use this hero through some guidance.

Holding powerful burst damage

One of her popular superiorities is strong burst damage. This hero has it to defend or attack the opponents well. Thus, make sure you properly play her.

With her big burst damage, Freya ML can kill her opponent fast. It can happen without difficulties if she reaches a higher level and has a better build. However, make sure the enemies are below level and own lower equipment.

If you choose her, remember to always be careful playing with her. Make sure you do it every time you select her.

In the early game, Freya is not easy to defeat. Then, she can reach a higher level faster compared to her opponents. Thus, Freya Mobile Legends has become the favorite among players.

Freya’s high burst damage comes once she enters the Valkyrie mode. Besides, it will come without difficulties when players apply Freya’s ultimate skill. By using it, she can protect herself from nearby enemy heroes.

She only needs her basic attack to deal damage area. So, this condition is ideal for supporting your team in winning the battle.

Having Good Crowd Control

Apart from the above, Freya also owns good crowd control. She can apply it to all her enemies. Moreover, she can combine it with all her skills.

Here, we can know the capability of this hero supporting a team in Mobile Legends. She is ideal to be part of a team member. Her first skill let her pull an enemy to the center.

However, she has to do it by jumping. It allows her to stop the enemy’s movement within a second. So, build Freya can defeat the opponents quickly.

After that, she also has a second skill. It enables her to give a stunning area with a third hit. Additionally, her ultimate skill lets her give a slow effect.

By activating her skill, it can make Freya a hero unbeatable. She has become a hero that is not easy to defeat. All of her skills deliver a powerful impact in winning the fight.

Becoming The Real Hero For War

The other name for Freya Mobile Legends is the goddess of war. The reason is that this hero is stronger enough to attack many opponents. Moreover, she delivers good durability.

You can prove it by playing a team fight with five members versus five opponents. Selecting her can let a team dominate the battle. She helps the teams win the fights.

What are Freya’s Best Builds?

freya items

Players need to equip her with the right items. It can help support her ability. With the ideal types of equipment, she can win the game with her teammate.

There are some items you need to know before choosing this hero. Let us see the following things to complete this hero.

Haas Claw

The first one is Haas Claw. This item presents a life steal effect. So, Freya can reach a point of regeneration once she gives her enemy a basic attack.

Swift Boots

Swift boots are another essential item for every hero. She should have this item to increase her movement speed, including attack speed. That is why this item is appropriate for her.

Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword can be the best Freya build. It can raise her physical, including attack speed. Besides, she can get a potential life steal.

This item is essential during the fight. Once her points decrease, Freya does not need to return to the base.

Berserker Fury

Another build is Berserker Fury which is also a necessity for Freya Mobile Legends. It allows her to get stronger critical damage.

By taking this item, players can attack the enemy and defeat them within seconds. Moreover, this item lets her shut down the enemy without any difficulties.

Blade of the 7 Seas

This item is essential for Freya. It allows her to give a more powerful attack and get an additional hit point. That is why players should know how to use Freya in Mobile Legends.

Aside from that, there is another benefit that we can get from this item. Using Blade of the 7 Seas allows reducing the opponents’ physical defense.


Immortality is required to support all initiator heroes. Applying this can let Freya fight in the front. Moreover, it gives an additional hit point higher.

Immortality helps her to revive after she is killed. She can also get more of a hit-point bonus once she revives. Therefore, this item is suitable for Freya Mobile Legends to defeat other enemy heroes.

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