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Understanding ACS in Valorant: How It Works and Why It Matters

Valorant, the thrilling competitive shooter, pits ten players against each other in intense battles for victory. 

If you’re a competitive player aiming to climb the ranks, diving into your match statistics can be a game-changer. 

Beyond watching replays, analyzing your stats provides valuable insights into your performance. 

One crucial stat to pay attention to is ACS, or Average Combat Score, displayed alongside your KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) at the end of each match.

But what exactly is ACS? Please keep reading to discover the significance of the Average Combat Score and how it’s calculated.

What is ACS in Valorant?

After each match, Valorant players receive a detailed stats breakdown, including a crucial metric called Average Combat Score (ACS). 

Unlike simple KDA ratios, ACS considers various factors to determine a player’s overall impact. 

This means that even if someone racks up the most kills, their ACS might not necessarily make them the game’s MVP. 

ACS accumulates based on kills, assists, and damage dealt, offering a more comprehensive gauge of performance in the game.

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How is Your ACS in Valorant Calculated?

Calculating your Average Combat Score (ACS) in Valorant involves more than meets the eye. ACS is derived from your combat score, a cumulative measure of your performance throughout the match. Here’s a breakdown of what contributes to your ACS:

  • Damage: Every point of damage you inflict adds to your combat score. It’s a fundamental aspect, rewarding consistent engagement in firefights.
  • Kills (based on enemies alive): Each kill earns you points, with the reward varying based on how many enemies are still standing. Securing early eliminations can significantly boost your score.
  • Multikills: Pulling off multiple kills is a surefire way to increase your combat score. Each subsequent kill in a multi-kill sequence adds bonus points, with an ace yielding a substantial 200-point reward.
  • Non-damaging assists: Even if you don’t land the final blow, assisting your team with abilities like blinds, stuns, or reveals contributes to your combat score. Each assist adds points, emphasizing the tactical use of your agent’s kit.

Your round-by-round combat score is visible in the “Timelines” tab of your match results, while your overall combat score can be found just below your KDA.

How to Calculating ACS Valorant

To find your ACS, divide your total combat score by the number of rounds played. For example, if you rack up 8,088 points over a 26-round match, your ACS would be 311.

In Valorant, being at the top of the scoreboard doesn’t always mean being the MVP. The player with the highest ACS often takes that title, reflecting consistent performance throughout the match.

Understanding and improving your ACS can elevate your gameplay, highlighting your effectiveness in engagements and team contributions beyond just kills. Tips these elements can lead to more impactful plays and tremendous match success.

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Does Your Average Score in Valorant Impact Your Rank?

Your Average Combat Score (ACS) significantly influences your rank in Valorant. ACS determines how many Rank Rating (RR) points you gain or lose after a match. 

You can gain more RR points if your ACS is higher than average for the game. Conversely, a lower ACS may result in fewer points.

While ACS reflects your performance in a game, Riot EvrMoar clarifies that it’s just one statistic among many that contribute to your rank.

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