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A Review of Venti in Genshin Impact – and How to Build Him

Venti in Genshin Impact is a cheerful person – this wine-loving, free-spirited, and carefree bard is also Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, and the very first Archon from the Seven that you’ll meet when playing the game.

Available since Genshin Impact’s release on September 28, 2020, Venti has proven himself to be a perfectly solid 5-star character in the game.

How to Use Venti from Genshin Impact

Use Venti from Genshin Impact
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun.

Since his release, Venti has been well-liked by the fandom because of his utility. His Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet, enables you to traverse high places that cannot be reached by climbing.

Even better, his Elemental Burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, can perform as a crowd control by pulling enemies into a vortex. This vortex can absorb DMG from all elements (except for Geo), increasing DMG from elemental reactions.


  • Helps in Exploration mode by his Elemental Skill.
  • Astounding Energy Recharge rate.
  • Powerful Elemental Burst because of its crowd control capability and elemental absorption.


  • Elemental Burst cannot react against enemies with elemental auras.

Build Recommendations

Build Recommendations Venti Genshin Impact
Source: Altchar.

Recommended Weapons

Anemo DPS Build

Weapon Details
Skyward Harp

+4.8% CRIT Rate

20% increase of CRIT DMG. All normal attacks have a 60% chance to cause a small AoE attack that causes 125% Physical ATK DMG. This effect can only take place every 4s.
The Stringless

+36 Elemental Mastery

24% increase of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG.
Favonius Warbow

+13.3% Energy Recharge


60% chance for CRIT Hits to create a small number of Elemental Particles that regenerates 6 Energy for the user. This effect can only take place every 12s.

Anemo Support Build

Weapon Builds
Elegy For The End

+12% Energy Recharge

60 Elemental Mastery increase. When the weapon’s wielder’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst hit an opponent, the wielder gains a Sigil of Remembrance that can be triggered every 0.2s. After gaining 4 Sigils, all party members receive the “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” effect, increasing Elemental Mastery by 100 and ATK by 20%. You can only gain another Sigil after the 20s once the effect takes place.
Sacrificial Bow

+6.7% Energy Recharge

Upon damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance of ending its own CD. This effect can only take place once every 30s.

Recommended Artifacts

Anemo DPS Build

Set Bonus
Viridescent Venerer ●      2-piece: 20% Anemo DMG

●      4-piece: Spread DMG increases by 60%. Depending on the character’s Element, enemies hit by swirl will have their RES reduced by 40% that lasts for 10s.

Anemo Support Build

Set Bonus
Viridescent Venerer ●      2-piece: 20% Anemo DMG

●      4-piece: Spread DMG increases by 60%. Depending on the character’s Element, enemies hit by swirl will have their RES reduced by 40% that lasts for 10s.

Alternative Build

Set Bonus
Noblesse Oblige ●      2-piece: 20% Elemental Burst DMG

●      4-piece: 20% party members’ ATK for 12s if using an Elemental Burst. This effect cannot stack.

Wanderer’s Troupe ●      2-piece: 80 Elemental Mastery increase

●      4-piece: If the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow, Charged Attack DMG will increase by 35%

Beneficial Party Members

Premium Team

Characters Role Details
Venti Sub-DPS Works as a Burst Sub-DPS who provides DMG combo with Ganyu and Mona
Ganyu DPS Uses her high Cryo DMG as DPS to spread the Cryo effect to enemies
Mona Sub-DPS Combines her element with Ganyu’s to freeze the enemies and her Burst to increase DMG
Diona Support Provides heal, shield, and elemental resonance with Ganyu for more DMG

F2P Friendly Team

Characters Role Details
Venti DPS Causes crowd control on enemies with his Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge artifacts
Xiangling Support Uses her Burst to increase Venti’s Burst DMG from Swirl effects
Amber Support Combines her Burst with Venti’s Burst to clear enemies faster from Swirl DMG
Barbara Heal Provides healing for the team and triggers Vaporize from Xiangling or Barbara’s skills

Talent Skills

Skills Details
Divine Marksmanship

Normal Attack

●      Shoots up to 6 consecutive shots with a bow

●      Consumes stamina for Charged Attack that causes Anemo DMG

●      AoE DMG from Plunging Attack

Skyward Sonnet

Elemental Skill

●      Summons a Wind Domain that causes AoE Anemo DMG and launches enemies into the air
Wind’s Grand Odethe

Elemental Burst

●      Fires an arrow consisted of countless coalesced winds that create a Stormeye, which sucks all enemies and continuous Anemo DMG

Ascension and Talent Materials

Character Level Details
Lv. 20 -> Lv. 40 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x1

●      Cecilia x3

●      Slime Condensate x3

Lv. 40 -> Lv. 50 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x3

●      Slime Condensate x15

●      Cecilia x10

●      Hurricane Seed x2

Lv. 50 -> Lv. 60 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x6

●      Slime Secretions x12

●      Cecilia x20

●      Hurricane Seed x4

Lv. 60 -> Lv. 70 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x3

●      Slime Secretions x18

●      Cecilia x30

●      Hurricane Seed x8

Lv. 70 -> Lv. 80 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x6

●      Slime Concentrate x12

●      Cecilia x45

●      Hurricane Seed x12

Lv. 80 -> Lv. 90 ●      Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x6

●      Slime Concentrate x24

●      Cecilia x60

●      Hurricane Seed x20

Being the first Archon released for Character Event Wishes, Venti in Genshin Impact still holds himself strong as a strong party member from his sheer utility.

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