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What Does KEKW Mean in the Twitch Chat and What’s Its Origin

KEKW is an inseparable part of Twitch chat culture, likely encountered during your visits to Twitch streams. Like many other emotes on the platform, KEKW has a backstory similar to Kappa, ResidentSleeper, and the controversial PogChamp. 

The origins of KEKW trace back to a well-known Spanish video featuring a laughing man combined with World of Warcraft terminology. Over time, KEKW has become one of Twitch chat’s most frequently used emotes. Let’s delve into its evolution.

The Source of Twitch Chat’s KEKW Emote

The original video that gave rise to the KEKW can be viewed, featuring comedian Juan Joya Borja. While the subtitles are loosely translated, they convey the essence of the conversation between the two Spanish men. 

What truly propelled the video to virality was the infectious laughter and reactions of the “Spanish Laughing Man.” Before the emote became KEKW in Twitch Chat, meme creators employed customized templates.

Understanding the Meaning of KEKW in Twitch Chat


KEKW, a FrankerFaceZ emote, represents laughter in response to humorous moments during streams. It claimed its status as one of the standout emotes in 2020, drawing inspiration from the earlier mentioned El Risitas clip. 

Analogous to LULW, KEKW is a variation of LOL, appended with a W. Similarly, KEK, the Korean equivalent of LOL, shares a comparable story. In the realm of World of Warcraft, typing LOL to an opposing faction player transforms into KEK. You can know more about Unblocked Mobile Games if you can play it.

For instance, if an Alliance player types LOL to a Horde player, the latter will see KEK in the chat, and vice versa. Adding W aids in creating exaggerated emote variations on Twitch (e.g., LUL and LULW).

The Path to KEKW’s Popularity in Twitch Chat

Common consensus attributes KEKW’s popularity to specific Twitch channels such as xQc and AdmiralBulldog, where its usage gained significant momentum. While LUL held a prime position as a widely used emote, KEKW has been gradually taking its place, experiencing a rapid surge in usage. 

Streamers have begun incorporating the emote, often with distinctive variations, as part of their subscriber perks. Diverse renditions of the emote, including KEKWOW and KEKWhat, have also emerged.

Decoding the Meaning of KEKW


To put it simply, KEKW signifies laughter. This is why the image of the Spanish Laughing Guy was chosen to represent it on Twitch. If you’re wondering about KEK, it is the Korean equivalent of LOL in North America or Europe. Additionally, in the CIS region, XAXAXAXA is another variant. KEK is World of Warcraft’s transcribed version of LOL between opposing factions. 

When a Horde player types LOL, an Alliance player reads KEK, and vice versa. Including the letter W in emotes is common in Twitch, conveying heightened facial expressions. Read more about the best mobile gaming free download on iOs and Android too.

Much like in spoken languages, the language of memes and emotes evolves by merging existing elements. Having understood the meaning of KEKW, let’s explore its journey to becoming a highly popular emote.

The Rise of the KEKW Emote’s Popularity

Around August 2019, the KEKW emote gained prominence on Twitch, attributed to well-known streamers like AdmiralBulldog and xQc integrating it into their streams. Their efforts contributed to the swift spread of KEKW awareness, effectively overshadowing expressions like LUL and ROFL that denote uproarious laughter.

Currently, KEKW ranks among Twitch’s top 15 most frequently used emotes. Given the widespread recognition of the Spanish comedian’s scene, it’s natural that people opt for this emote to vividly convey their laughter or to indicate something truly worth laughing at.

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