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Where to Find Military Bases in GTA 5?

Looking to uncover the top-secret locations of GTA 5’s military bases? If you’re nodding vigorously, this article’s for you!

Here’s the deal: those military hideouts aren’t casually pinned on the map. That’s why hordes of GTA 5 players are on the prowl, hunting for these clandestine bases.

Now, why the obsession? Well, these bases are a jackpot for nabbing super-cool Hydra fighter jets. And who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

So, buckle up! We’re spilling the beans on how to easily track down these military bases. Keep scrolling to know the scoop!

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GTA 5’s Military Base Moniker: Fort Zancudo


In the GTA 5 universe, the military base is called Fort Zancudo. It’s a shared facility managed by the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force.

At this top-secret location, you can swipe various military rides and choppers, like the cargo box for the Merryweather Heist.

Fort Zancudo isn’t the only military hot spot in the game. But it stands tall as the sole stronghold in the entire Grand Theft Auto HD Universe for now.

Locating Fort Zancudo in GTA 5

To uncover this gem, head to the outskirts of Lago Zancudo marsh snuggled against Mount Josiah in Blaine County, San Andreas.

From the outside, a few tanks and engines are all there is to it. But once inside, voila! Fort Zancudo unveils its glory—sporting primary and secondary airstrips, hangars galore, blockhouses in a row, an Air Traffic Control tower, and a buzzing depot housing an array of vehicles.

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Cracking into Fort Zancudo: GTA 5 Style!


Hold up, you can’t just waltz in there! Rhino tanks, trucks, and soldiers guard this place like hawks.

But fear not, aspiring infiltrator! There are tricks up our sleeves to crack into these bases.

The safest bet? Hitch a ride in a plane and skydive onto the base. Timing is key, though! The airspace is swarmed by P-996 LAZER fighter jets itching to take down unauthorized aircraft.

Or brace yourself for a challenge! Speed in a vehicle hit a ramp and leaped over the fence into the base. Picture this: a thrilling cliffside at the highway tunnel exit near Mount Chiliad.

You’re seconds away from snagging a jet or tank, whichever route you pick. Time to go bonkers in Los Santos!

So, that’s the inside scoop on GTA 5’s military base. We’re rooting for you to ace this mission!

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