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A Guide Dr. Ratio Honkai Star Rail

Dive into the thrilling world of Honkai Star Rail with Dr. Ratio leading the charge! As the first character on the path of The Hunt to wield Imaginary elements, he brings a whole new dimension to the game. 

Patch 1.6 introduces him alongside other free characters, but mastering his potential requires a precise setup. Light Cone and Relic are vital components, but assembling the ultimate team is where the real magic happens.

Join us as we unravel the secrets of Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail, from optimizing Light Cone and Relic to crafting the ultimate dream team. Let’s delve deeper into the action-packed adventure together!

Light Cone Dr. Ratio Honkai Star Rail

Check out these top-notch recommendations for maximizing Dr. Ratio’s power in Honkai Star Rail! Dr. Ratio packs a punch, but you can unleash even more devastation on your foes with the exemplary character build. Let’s dive into the Light Cone builds that’ll take your gameplay to the next level:

  • Baptism of Pure Thought: This Light Cone is tailor-made for Dr. Ratio. It boosts Crit DMG by a whopping 20%, with an additional 8% increase when the enemy is debuffed—stackable up to 3 times! Plus, activating the ultimate ramps up your DMG by 36% and lets you ignore 24% of the enemy’s DEF. Talk about a game-changer!
  • Worrisome, Blissful: Elevate your game with this 5-star Light Cone from the Topaz signature series. Ideal for Dr. Ratio, it bumps up Crit Rate by 18% and amps up follow-up attack DMG by 30%. And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also enjoy a 12% boost to Crit DMG every time you unleash a follow-up attack.

With this killer Light Cone builds, Dr. Ratio will become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Get ready to dominate like never before!

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Best Relic Dr. Ratio Honkai Star Rail

Check out the Relic sets lit for Dr. Ratio; besides the Light Cone, the Relic lineup is a game-changer! These sets pump up your character’s stats like Damage, Crit Rate, and Attack. Get ready to unleash some serious power with Dr. Ratio’s top picks:

  • Wastelander Piece: This set is tailor-made for Dr. Ratio. You’ll see a sweet 10% boost to Imaginary DMG with just two pieces. But wait, there’s more! Equip all four pieces and watch your Crit Rate soar by 10%, and Crit DMG skyrocket by 20%, as long as your foes are under the Imprisoned debuff.
  • The Ashblazing: Get fired up with this set, especially after patch 1.6. It’s Dr. Ratio’s go-to because of its killer effects. With two pieces, you’ll see a whopping 20% increase in follow-up attack DMG, plus your ATK gets a 6% boost every time you launch a follow-up attack. And guess what? You can stack this Relic’s effect eight times, keeping the heat up for three turns straight!
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Best Team Composition Dr. Ratio on Honkai Star Rail

Are you looking to maximize your party’s potential in Honkai Star Rail with Dr. Ratio? You’ll want a squad about debuffing enemies for seamless Follow-up Attacks and Skills. Here’s how to assemble your dream team:

  • Speedy Ultimate Team: Make Dr. Ratio your primary damage dealer, supported by Silver Wolf, Tingyun, and Huohuo for a fast-paced assault.
  • Premium Team: Opt for Topaz and Numby as your primary damage dealers, with Dr. Ratio in a secondary DPS role. Back them up with Pela and Huohuo for top-tier support.
  • Quantum Team: Stick with Dr. Ratio as your main DPS, flanked by Yukong and Silver Wolf for support, and rely on Luocha for healing duties.

That’s the lowdown on crafting the ultimate Dr. Ratio party. Ready to dive into the action? Consider Top Up Oneiric Shards at UniPin and prepare for an epic adventure in Honkai Star Rail!

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