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Dive into the World of Misha in Honkai Star Rail!

Meet Misha, the shining star of Honkai Star Rail! As a four-star character, Misha brings a whirlwind of unique abilities that make him a powerhouse DPS in the game. 

She burst onto the scene with the version 2.0 update alongside two other five-star characters, injecting fresh excitement into the game. 

Now, as a Free-to-Play (F2P) player, you can wield his incredible strength and add a dynamic edge to your team lineup.

But mastering Misha isn’t just about unlocking his potential – it’s about harnessing it to its fullest. That’s where the fun begins! 

This guide will dive deep into Misha’s abilities and explore the best build recommendations to unleash his full might in Honkai Star Rail. Get ready to level up your gameplay and dominate the battlefield like never before!

Misha Honkai Star Rail Skills

Check out Misha’s extraordinary powers in Honkai Star Rail! Get ready to dive into the action with these electrifying abilities:

Basic Attack

Misha’s basic attack, “Please… Step Aside!” unleashes a chilling blast of ice, dealing damage equal to 100% of her ATK. Watch those enemy HP bars drop!


With “Room… Room Service!”, Misha gears up for her next big move, allowing her to unleash her Ultimate on an extra enemy! 

Plus, she dishes out 200% ATK ice damage to her primary target and 80% to surrounding foes.


“I… Misha’s ultimate move is “I’m Late!” packing a triple punch! She strikes her main target with 36% ice damage and then goes wild, repeatedly attacking other enemies. 

Each hit has a 12.0% chance to freeze and deals an extra 18% ice damage. And guess what? She can do it up to 10 times!

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Misha’s talent, Grappling Mechanism, amps up her Ultimate game. Every time an ally uses a Skill Point, she gets an extra Ultimate attack and restores 2 Energy. Talk about a game-changer!


“Wait! You are so Beautiful!” lets Misha manipulate dimensions for 15 seconds, halting enemies in their tracks. Combine this with her Ultimate, and you’ve got double the impact and some serious firepower!


Misha’s passive abilities are nothing to scoff at, either. She amps up her critical damage against frozen enemies by 30%, boosts her hit effect rate by 60%, and ups her Ultimate’s freeze chance by a whopping 80%. Talk about turning up the heat on the battlefield!

Light Cone recommendation for Misha

Fall of an Aeon: Unleash the Power (Top 5-Star Pick)

Feel the surge of strength with this Light Cone, tailor-made for F2P champs. Once you hit Superimposition Five, brace for a massive boost in ATK and DMG. It’s your go-to choice to unlock maximum potential on the battlefield.

Something Irreplaceable: Unleash the Beast (5-Star Gem)

Need a game-changer? This Light Cone packs a punch with its ATK and DMG buffs, especially lethal when paired with heavy hitters like March 7 or Lynx. Get ready to dominate with every attack.

Indelible Promise: Power Pact (4-Star Marvel)

Teaming up with Misha, this Light Cone brings extra Break Effects and ramps up the Crit Rate post-ultimate. It’s the promise of relentless power and game-changing moments in every battle.

Best Relic Recommendations

Check out the Glacial Forest Hunter 4PC set! It’s a total game-changer, boosting your Crit DMG for two solid turns after unleashing your Ultimate. 

But here’s the real kicker: the Ultimate is where the magic happens, making this set an absolute powerhouse.

Now, let’s talk about the Thief of Shooting Meteor 4PC set. It’s not just good; it’s downright awesome—especially when paired up with Ruan Mei. Picture this:

  1. Relentless attacks on enemies
  2. Stacking up those Break Effects like it’s nobody’s business
  3. Earning extra Energy along the way
  4. It’s like the ultimate tag team for epic battles!
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Recommendations for the Best Planar Ornaments

Check out the Inert Salsotto Set! With this gear equipped, your crit rate and damage for your Ultimate and follow-up strikes get a solid boost. Even though its full potential isn’t tapped by its abilities, it’s still the top-tier choice in the game. Why? Because it amps up your Ultimate Skill like no other set can.

Now, let’s talk about the Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise. Picture this: Misha, freezing enemies left and right with her Ultimate. This set ramps her attack power and bumps up the Effect Hit Rate. It’s a dream combo, especially if you play Misha as a Sub-DPS. Keep those enemies on ice while dishing out severe damage!

Best Team Recommendations

Get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Misha in Honkai Star Rail! Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, Misha’s team compositions offer thrilling gameplay dynamics to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the spotlight, Imbibitor Lunae is taking center stage as the ultimate DPS powerhouse. With devastating attacks and unrivaled strength, Lunae is your go-to for dealing massive damage to your foes.

Backing up Lunae is the dynamic duo of Misha and Tingyun. Misha steps in as the Sub-DPS, lending a hand with secondary attacks that pack a punch. Meanwhile, Tingyun’s role is to boost your team’s ATK and ensure your energy reserves stay topped up, keeping the action flowing smoothly.

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But what’s a team without a healer? Enter Huohuo, ready to patch any wounds and keep your squad in fighting shape. With Huohuo on your side, you can confidently charge into battle, knowing your team’s health is in good hands.

Let’s talk about another powerhouse lineup featuring Seele as the main DPS. With lightning-fast reflexes and devastating attacks, Seele is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Supporting Seele is no other than Misha, who is stepping into the Sub-DPS role again. But Misha isn’t just there to play second fiddle – they also provide crucial support skills that amp up your team’s performance and keep the momentum going.

Joining the fray is Luocha, taking on the vital role of healer. With Luocha’s healing prowess, your team can shrug off damage and keep pushing forward, no matter the challenges.

Last, we have the formidable trio of Misha, March 7, and Silver Wolf. Misha steps into the spotlight as the main DPS, unleashing devastating attacks that frighten enemies.

March 7 steps up as the Sub-DPS, offering support through tanking and shielding abilities to protect your team from harm.

And let’s remember Silver Wolf, whose support skills add a strategic edge to your gameplay by inflicting weak effects on your enemies, leaving them vulnerable to your onslaught.

So, are you ready to take on the thrilling adventures of Misha in Honkai Star Rail? If you’re itching to dive into the action and dominate the battlefield, it’s time to gear up and prepare for an epic gaming experience. Need to top up Oneiric Shards? Head over to UniPin and fuel your journey to victory!

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