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Akai ML: Best Builds, Strategies, and Combos

Akai is one of the original Mobile Legends Bang-Bang heroes. The character was released along with other original characters in the initial release of the game in 2016. Popular as Tank and Support, Akai has slowly become one of the fan’s favorite characters from the game. After five years of its release, who could have thought that this chubby panda is becoming a meta again?

Despite its main role as a tank and support, Akai ML can also be used as support or attack. With the right build and combos, you can watch as Akai brings you to the top of the rank board. So, in this article, we will give you some general information about the character. Also, let’s not forget about Akai’s best build MLBB.

General Info

Akai Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Akai Mobile Legends is one of the MLBB characters with the role of tank and support. Similar to Angela, Atlas, and Balerick, Akai is the best hero to choose if you want to roam around the map freely. One of the most noticeable aspects about this character is the huge total Health Point of 2769. Despite having a huge health point, Akai’s movement speed is quite fast at 260. This makes Akai a faster tank unit than other heroes such as Atlas and Alice.

Akai ML has four unique abilities. For passive abilities, Akai can use Tai Chi which makes him gain a 2-second shield with the price of 6% of his max HP. For the first skill, Akai can deploy the Thousand Pounder. This skill can deal up to 550 damage points while also giving the chance to slow or stun the enemy.

For the second skill, Akai can use Blender. With this skill, Akai could deal more than 500 (plus 120%) of damage while marking the target opponent for 5 seconds. For the ultimate skill, Akai can use Hurricane Dance. With this skill, Akai will remove all of his crowd control and spins like a tornado for 3.5 seconds. While doing this Akai ML could also knock back and silence the surrounding enemy while also dealing up to 540 damage.

Akai Best build MLBB

Akai Item Build MLBB

Essentially, there are three unique build strategies to make Akai thrive at the defensive position, offensive position, and supportive position.

Akai Best Build in Defensive Game

For defensive position, equip Akai Mobile Legends with the following items:

  • Cursed Helmets : +920 HP and +50 Magic Resistance, Burning Soul
  • Rapid Boots : +50 Movement Speed
  • Athena’s Shield : +900 HP, + 56 Magic Resistance, +20 HP Regen, Shield
  • Immortality : +800 HP, +40 Magic Resistance, Immortal
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen : +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP, +15% Cooldown Reduction, Demonize.
  • Guardian Helmet              : +1550 HP, +20 HP Regen,

Utilizing Akai ML’s ability as a tank, you can equip this character with the biggest HP boosters you can find. Besides, you can utilize some of the unique abilities that each item has. For example, Immortality allows you to resurrect 2 seconds after dying. In addition, you also gain 15% HP and a shield that is capable of absorbing 300-1000 damage points for 3 seconds.

The best splay strategy for this Akai Best build MLBB is to immediately run to the center of the area and deal as much damage to the enemy. Hold your position as long as you can. When the HP is low, escape using the Hurricane Dance.

Akai Mobile Legends Best Build for Offensive Game

For offensive play, you can equip Akai Mobile Legends with these items:

  • Blade of the Heptaseas : +75 Physical Attack, +300 HP, Steamroll
  • Rapid Boots : +50 Movement Speed
  • Cursed Helmets: +920 HP and +50 Magic Resistance, Burning Soul
  • Athena’s Shield : +900 HP, + 56 Magic Resistance, +20 HP Regen, Shield
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP, +15% Cooldown Reduction, Demonize.
  • Brute Force Breastplate : +770 HP, +45 Armor, Brute Force

This mode requires you to build Akai using five main items. This is to increase Akai ML’s health point while also increasing his attack power. The play strategy is simple. You can use Akai’s Blender ability along with the Blade of the Heptaseas’ unique ability (Steamroll). Therefore, reducing the opponents’ defense by 25 points and deals extra damage equal to 5% of Akai ML’s max HP. By doing this, opponents will become very vulnerable to Akai’s attack.

For extra durability, you can use the unique passive ability of Athena’s Shield. Lastly, be sure to use Thousand Pounder skill after casting Blender. This is to make sure the opponents are unable to escape after getting stunned.

Build to Maximize Akai’s Ability

Akai MLBB gameplay

This build will maximize Akai’s ability as a support unit. You can build Akai using these items:

  • Cursed Helmets : +920 HP and +50 Magic Resistance, Burning Soul
  • Magic Shoes : +10% Cooldown Reduction and +40% Movement Speed
  • Oracle : +850 HP, +42 Magic Resistance, +10% Cooldown Reduction, Bless
  • Courage Bulwark : +770 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, Bravery, Heavy Armor, Encourage
  • Antique Cuirass : +920 HP, +54 Armor, +30 HP Regeneration, Deter
  • Guardian Helmet             : +1550 HP, +20 HP Regen, Recovery

The basic idea of this build is to buff yourself and your teammates. To ensure your durability, you must build Akai using the best HP booster and HP regeneration available. The key item in this build is Courage Bulwark. With this item, you can increase nearby teammates’ physical and magic damage by 25%. In addition to that, Heavy Armor also gives you the ability to reduce turret damages for your nearby minions.

Play strategy is simple. Charge forward with your teammates following you from behind. Stay close to your teammates for an effective buff.

So, in conclusion, Akai’s natural build can be altered using various equipment. As a result, Akai is one of many Mobile Legends’ heroes with high versatility. Please be aware that the aforementioned Akai Best build MLBB is not a fixed recommendation. Take those recommendations as a loose reference on how you can build Akai.

Moreover, you can easily adjust Akai’s build with your personal play style. You can do this by equipping different items to the hero. Just keep trying and mixing each piece of equipment until you find an item combination that suits your style best. Finally, let’s go out and relax!

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