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An Essential Guide to Set the Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

Sensitivity plays an important role when you play PUBG Mobile. The right adjustment of this element gives you a considerable help in the battle and improves your capability in aiming or shooting. That being said, setting up the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile is definitely an essential step if you are looking for the best gaming experience.

There are some specific measures to adjust when it comes to sensitivity settings. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

Why You Should Adjust Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

Adjust Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile
Source: Nyaatech.

Here are some reasons why setting up the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile is effectively helpful for your gameplay:

  • It smoothens your gameplay in general.
  • It helps improving your shooting ability.
  • It will reduce unnecessary mistakes when shooting your enemy.
  • It prevents the target from falling apart after you aim your weapon.
  • Your mobility will be steadier, even when you are moving on slow steps.
  • The recoil of your guns will not be scattered anywhere and create a mess on the battleground.

How to Set Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile on Different Devices

In general, the gameplay sensitivity in PUBG Mobile includes several aspects, such as Camera Setting, Camera Sensitivity (Free Look), Aim Down Sight (ADS) Sensitivity, and Gyroscope. However, the measurement of the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile in each aspect may differ from one device to another.

Here are some sensitivity adjustments and settings you should make when you are playing the game on mobile phones and iPads or tablets.

Setting Sensitivity on Mobile Phones

Set Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile
Source: Guru Gamer.

To set up sensitivity PUBG Mobile on mobile phones, simply open the app and head over to “Settings” or “Sensitivity Settings” option. From this point, you can choose to set the measurement for each aspect.

First things first, adjust the setting of your camera which includes the third-person camera, how you see the vehicle, as well as the parachuting camera for the time you enter the battleground. If you are using the first-person camera, do set up the percentage at 63%. Meanwhile, if you are using the third-person perspective, the percentage of camera setting should be at 111%. As for parachuting camera, the optimum setting is at 107%.

Moreover, for the camera sensitivity, the setting should be as follow:

  • 69% for no-scope third-person camera and 62% for no-scope first-person camera.
  • 30% for 2X Scope, but you need to set lower percentage at higher scope.
  • 40% for Red Dot at Aim Assist.

The next setting is for ADS Sensitivity. In this case, you can adjust the sensitivity for both no-scope and scope options. At no-scope camera, the percentage should be at 82% for third-person camera and 75% for first-person view. Meanwhile, the ADS with scope can be adjusted to the following setting:

  • 25% for 2X and 4X Scope
  • 26% for 3X Scope
  • 20% for 6X Scope
  • 13% for 8X Scope

The Gyroscope sensitivity is optional in some settings, but if you want to gain recoil control significantly, it is highly recommended to turn on this setting. For mobile phone gamers, the Red Dot, Aim Assist should be set at 168%, the no-scope camera at 193-198%, and the scope camera ranges from 331% to 48%, depending on the value of the scope.

Setting Sensitivity on iPad or Tablets

The setup PUBG Mobile sensitivity is slightly different from mobile phone setting because it deals with bigger pixels and screen size. However, the main setting is more or less still the same.

For instance, you can start by adjusting the Camera Sensitivity (Free Look). Set the percentage at 70% for third-person camera, whether it is for parachuting, vehicle, or character. Meanwhile, if you are using the first-person player setting, the percentage should be at 84%.

In the ADS Sensitivity with no-scope camera, the setting can be adjusted between 100-105, depending on the perspective you use. Red Dot, Holographic, and Aim Assist should be set at 52%. As for the camera with scope, the arrangement usually starts at 44% for 2X Scope and gets lower as the scope increases.

When the Gyroscope is activated on your iPad or tablet, be sure to set the no-scope adjustment at the lowest (1%). The same setting can also be applied to other aspects which should be no higher than 10%.

That concludes a brief guide to set up the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile. As mentioned earlier, having a well-adjusted sensitivity configuration will significantly influence your gaming experience. However, it is not the only thing you can do to improve PUBG gameplay. Within the game, you also need to have premium items and better weapons; all can be bought with the extra UC. Top up here now and be ready to take your battle into the next level!

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