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Belerick Mobile Legends: Build Items, Skills, and How to Use

One of the most favorite heroes by Mobile Legends players is Balerick. The tank hero indeed has a quite interesting appearance and performance. Slightly, it looks like a tree monster along with his leaves and roots. This is how the Balerick looks very unique as well as it has the Belerick build that should be utilized well.

But currently, the hero is indeed no longer available in the Mobile Legends Meta Season 20. But sure, if you want to play the previous sessions, it is better to learn more about Balerick. The Belerick character itself is indeed challenging. Even some professional players find it confusing to combine this hero with others in the battle. So, do you want to know more about Balerick in Mobile Legends? Make sure to read the following explanations.

Recommended Build Items of Belerick in Mobile Legends

Belerick MLBB build item

Sure, there are many options of build items to use for Belerick. However, not all of them are effective enough to improve the hero’s performance in the game. If you are looking for some recommendations, here they are.

First, it is Warrior Boots. Warrior Boots are kinds of items that fit well with many heroes in Mobile Legends. Well, Balerick is one of them. The Belerick build item indeed brings some benefits to the player. It provides +40 Movement Speed and +22 Physical Defense. Meanwhile, the passive of the item is to improve the physical defense every time the character receives basic attacks. It is even maximum up to 25.

Second, there is also Immortality. The item gives +800 health points, +40 physical defense as well as a passive item of the 2.5-second Resurrect. The Resurrect is active around 2.5 seconds after the elimination and gets the 15% health point as well as a shield to absorb around 220-1200 damage.

Third, the hero also fits well to Brute Force Breastplate. The item brings the character +770 health points and +450 physical defense. Meanwhile, the passive item owned by the build is to increase the movement speed by 2% along with 4 times Magic Defense. It is when Belerick Mobile Legends use his skills or the basic attack.
The last recommendation of the build item used by Belerick is Athena’s Shield. The item brings the hero +900 health points, +62 magical defense, +2 health point regen. In addition, the passive item is to reduce the magic damage by around 25% in 5 seconds.

Skills of Belerick in Mobile Legends

review Belercik MLBB

Aside from the build items suggested to use by Belerick, the hero himself has his own skills to utilize well. If you can use the skills optimally with some tips and tricks, the chance to win the game is getting bigger. So, what are the skills of Belerick?

Like other characters in Mobile Legends, Belerick has a passive skill. The passive skill of the hero is namely Deadly Thorns that bounce back attacks he receives up to 25%. Besides, the skill can also bring magic damage of around 100-170 plus 2% from its maximum health point. In addition, the passive skill also increases the health point found from the equipment by 40%.

Next, skill 1 of Belerick is the Ancient Seed. So, the hero attacks in a direction that has been determined. It brings a point of 200 and +50 of the total magic power. Besides, the skill also gives a slow effect to the target of 25%. If the target is on the line for around a second, he will get additional damage of 200 and +50% of the total magic power. Other effects to get are the taunt effect in 1.2 seconds and the increase of damage skill of 80% to the minion.

Skill 2 or the Nature’s Strike functions to enable Belerick MLBB to improve his movement speed of 80%, to strengthen the damage of the basic attack of 300 and +60% of the total magic power, to bring the slow effect of 60% around 1.5 seconds, and to regenerate the health point of 240 and +10% of his lost health point.
Lastly, there is Skill 3 or the Wrath of Dryad in which Belerick can throw vines. Those vines bring immobilized effects to the opponents for 2 seconds. Besides, it also brings damage of 100 and +30% of the total magic power.

Tips to Use Balerick in Mobile Legends

Belerick Mobile Legends

So, how to use Belerick MLBB well? As you know, in Mobile Legends, the build is a very important part. Yes, it is because a build influences the power of the hero you play. Belerick tends to be weaker and easier to kill if you wrongly use the builds arrangement. Generally, the best arrangement of builds for Balerick is starting from Warrior Boots, Antique Cuirass, Blade Armor, Oracle, Cursed Helmer, and it is ended with Immortality. With such an arrangement it just boosts this hero to be overpowered.

In Mobile Legends, a hero performance can be drastically changed between the early and the end game. This matter also happens in Belerick. Belerick is one of the tank heroes in which the performance must be prepared well. During the early game, you should buy the first-level roaming item, it is the Wooden Mask. With the item, the hero can be rich more quickly as well as he can handle the team better.

Belerick also works to help and protect a core hero when farming. To do that, you can just follow the skill of the core hero. At the same time, use also the skill your Belerick has to protect the core hero from the enemy’s attack. It is improbably also to do open map and roaming often. You must do this so that your hero will not be ganged and killed. In other words, you cannot just stay in one lane only.

War or battle is something that must be experienced by Belerick. If you play it randomly, Belerick can be a noob or a burden for the team. So, what to do? It is not by wasting time to lock the movement of the opponent’s core hero. The main role of a tank hero is to protect your own core hero anyway. Besides, Belerick build should not also open war without enough damage backups.

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