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Bennett Genshin Impact – A Full Guide to Bennett

Do you know everything there is to know about Bennett Genshin Impact? We all know that Genshin Impact is a fun and exciting game to play. This game offers many characters that each has their skills and advantages. Bennett is one of the most popular characters you will use in this game.

Who is Bennett?

who is Bennett

First of all, let’s talk about who Bennett is. Well, Bennett is a Pyro character that you can use in Genshin Impact. He was an orphan discovered by an elderly adventurer when he was just a baby. The Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild raised Bennett until he became an adult.

One of the most brilliant things about Bennett is that he is the only member of Benny’s Adventure Team. Everyone else on the team left because of the constant misfortune they felt. And that is a little backstory that you might want to know about Bennett in Genshin Impact.

Bennett’s Best Build

guide to play Bennet Genshin Impact

Now that you know who Bennett is, you should know the best build you can create for him. Since Bennett is a pyro character, you should give him the best equipment for pyro characters. Other than that, Bennett is also a supporting character, which means you should create the ultimate puro support build for Bennett.

The pyro support build focuses on improving Bennett’s burst skill. You can do this by stacking Energy Recharge, which will empower his burst skill without any problem at all. However, you have to remember that the bonus attack on his elemental burst will only come from his base attack, not from his attack percentage.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about weapons. We recommend you to use either the Skyward Blade or The Alley Flash for Bennett. Why? Well, we are going to explain each weapon and why you should use either one for Bennett.

  • Skyward Blade. Skyward Blade is an ideal weapon for Bennett because it can bring many incredible effects. Your critical rate will increase by 4/5/6/7/8% with the help of this weapon. Your movement speed and attack speed will also increase by as much as 10%, which is quite impressive. The increase to your normal and charged attack damage is also impressive with the help of this weapon.
  • The Alley Flash. The Alley Flash provides elemental mastery for characters like Bennett. Equipping this weapon will increase Bennett’s damage by about 12/15/18/21/24%. However, you need to keep in mind that if you take any damage from your enemies, this effect will be disabled for five seconds.

Besides the perfect weapon for Bennett, you should also know the artifact sets that are best suited for this pyro character. That way, you will be able to utilize Bennett and improve his skills to their maximum potential. Here are some of the best artifacts you can use for this character.

  • Noblesse Oblige. This artifact will help Bennett when it comes to recharging his energy. Aside from that, you will also get the healing bonus. Noblesse Oblige is also known to improve your character’s elemental burst damage by about 20%. You will also love the fact that using your elemental burst skill will help you increase all of your team members’ attacks by 20% for as long as twelve seconds. That is why this artifact is perfect for Bennett Genshin Impact.

Bennett’s Best Team Members

Aside from knowing the best build you can use for Bennett, you should also know the best team members that you can pair with this character. Of course, each lineup combination will have its advantages and disadvantages. However, some of the best characters that you can pair with Bennett are Xiangling, Xingqiu, Raiden, Tartaglia, Kazuha, and Venti.

Bennett’s Skills

Bennet genshin impact skills

If you want to win while using Bennett, you should be very familiar with his skills. His skills are just as important as Bennett Genshin Impact build. Here are some of the skills that you will be able to use if you decide to play using Bennett.

  • Strike of Fortune. This skill consists of the normal attack, charged attack, and plunging attack. The normal attack allows you to perform a total of 5 rapid strikes. The charged attack will help you unleash double rapid sword swings. The plunging attack, on the other hand, allows Bennett to plunge from mid-air before striking the ground below.
  • Passion Overload. Bennett’s elemental skill can be seen in his sword. You can either use the press or the hold elemental skill. The press skill allows you to inflict pyro damage through a swift flame strike. The hold skill can charge up, producing different effects based on the level of charging you have done. With level 1 charging, Bennett will inflict pyro damage through two strikes. With level 2 charging, Bennett will inflict impressive pyro damage through 3 consecutive attacks.
  • Fantastic Voyage. The fantastic voyage is Bennett’s elemental burst skill. This skill allows him to leap toward his enemy while performing a plunging attack. Of course, this skill will inflict pyro damage. However, it will also create an Inspiration Field. An Inspiration Field is a circled area that will help you get several advantages. If your health falls below 70% in the circle, it will regenerate. If your health is more than 70% in the circle, you will gain an attack bonus. Any character will also become a pyro element while they are inside the circle.

Bennett’s Passive Skills

Other than his acting skills, Bennett’s passive skills are also very impressive. These skills include Rekindle, Fearnaught, and It Should Be Safe. You will unlock Rekindle at Ascension 1, Fearnaught at Ascension 4, and It Should Be Safe automatically. Each skill has its perks that you will be able to utilize if you play using this incredible pyro character.

In conclusion, Bennett is a very brilliant pyro support character that you can use in Genshin Impact. However, you should know his best build, which will make him the best character he can be. You should also be familiar with his skills. All you need to do next is to play this game using Bennett Genshin Impact.

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