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Best MMORPG Games for Android You Must Try

RPG or Role-Playing Games are the ones that enable you to play a fictional character in the game. In the game, you will follow the plot or narration according to your choice.

When you are playing such a game, you will feel the similar sensation like when you are watching an action movie. The story of RPG games is one reason why this kind of game is fun to play.

Due to its increasing popularity, a lot of game developers regularly release RPG games every year, leaving you with endless options. RPG games are available for PCs, consoles, and even mobile devices like Android smartphones. If you are looking for the best game RPG Android, here are some recommendations for you.

Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy

Eden Zero is the newest RPG mobile game that allows players to explore the world of Hiro Mashima on their Android smartphone. This game is adapted from manga and offers impressive graphics. The mobile version of this game is titled Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy. This action RPG game requires you to use a character from Eden Zero’s universe to beat enemies.

If you want to play with your friends, you can play this game in various modes, such as PVP. Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy is fun to play even for those who do not keep up with the story. To play this fun game, make sure your smartphone already uses Android 9.0 or above.

Black Desert Mobile

One of the most popular PC games is now available for Android devices, Black Desert. Black Desert Mobile is the Android version of the famous Black Desert. A lot of gamers love this game as it has a MMO feature that is different from other RPG games. You can do various activities together with other players from 150 different countries.

Moreover, Black Desert also has a huge character customization feature. You can create your virtual face. It offers remarkable graphics as well. Black Desert Mobile is an online RPG Android game suitable for you who want to play by using a personal character.

Soul Tide

Soul Tide is an Android RPG game that combines many genres in one game. Developed by LemcnSun Limited, this is the best offline Android RPG game with an incredible visual that will satisfy its players. Soul Tide presents a turn-based and exploration genre with a super-interesting gameplay. Unlike other anime RPG mobile games, this one is in English.

Players will be given a quest to complete. When you are entering the dungeon, a cute waifu team will guide you, then you can use it to kill enemies. Soul Tide has 4 stars out of 5 stars in Google Play Store, indicating that many gamers love this game.


Stardew Valley

For those of you who love a farming game, Stardew Valley is a recommended game RPG Android. In this game, you need to manage a family farm. You can also explore the forests and socialise with the residents of Pelican Town. The graphics of this farming game are very classic, like Nintendo in the 90s, as well as its background music.

Stardew Valley is an offline Android RPG game that will make you reminisce about the 90s era. In order to play this classic game, you must use Android 4.4 or above.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The next recommended RPG game for Android is Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. If you already have played games since the 2000s, you must be familiar with this MMORPG game. This popular game is now available in a mobile version with an open-world concept. The mobile version is exactly the same as its original version released back in 2002.

In the beginning of the game, you need to choose 6 different classes. Then, you have to level-up your character in this game by hunting monsters to get EXP or do quests. Developed by Gravity Interactive Inc., you need to use Android 4.3 or above to be able to play this RPG game.

Honkai Impact 3

Another fun RPG Android game for you who love anime so much. In this game, you will play the character of a captain on a mission to trace Honkai energy leaks from outer space. Accompanied by 3 Valkyries, you have to kill creatures affected by Honkai energy. This online RPG game is pretty dynamic as it has a variety of skins that will affect your attack.

You can use one character with different movements. Besides fighting against monsters, you can also build a tiny home for your favourite Valkyries to live. Honkai Impact 3 is rated 4.4 out of 5 in Google Play Store. Make sure your smartphone uses Android 5.0 or above to play this game.


If you love games so much, you must already be familiar with GrandChase. This game is the remake of the original game released for the first time in 2003.

A lot of gamers love GrandChase as it offers fully 3D graphics. In this game, you can select one out of more than 70 heroes that you can play with various fighting styles.

Those are some recommendations of game RPG Android. Which one have you played?

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