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Coming Up with a Cool PUBG Nickname for a Wholesome Profile

Player’s pubg nickname is the first thing that the other players will see in the game. Believe it or not, a nickname will create a brand for the player. Thus, people are trying to come up with great nicknames to make them look cooler. You can learn how to find and set up a nickname here.

Setting Up PUBG Nickname 

Setting Up PUBG Nickname 

When a player registers to the game for the first time, they will be assigned a generic nickname by the game system. The generic nickname is not catchy and it might be difficult to remember as it contains a long series of numbers. In the past, it was unchangeable.

As the game develops, now you can change your pubg nickname to your heart’s desire. Interestingly, the name change is a part of the game. You need to complete quests to obtain the “Rename Card”. This card allows players to change names without paying. This feature is relatively popular among users.

The cards are usually used by people who are starting the game and only have few resources. It can be found after the player finishes the tenth level’s mission in PUBG. A returning user also receives this card as a gift. To be considered a returning user, you need to be absent from the game for more than two weeks.

Here are the steps you need to do to change your boring pubg mobile name to a cooler one:

  • Head to the bottom part of the inventory to obtain the “Rename Card” once you have collected it.
  • Tap on the card then click “Use”.
  • Change the nickname to the new one on the available space.
  • Confirm the name change by clicking “OK” and the change becomes permanent.

Cool Nickname Ideas for Players

Cool Nickname Ideas for Players
Source: Android Ponsel.

If you think about it, most famous players usually have catchy nicknames. They are famous not only because of their gaming prowess, but also their easy to recall names. Everyone can do it on their own nickname. Take a peek at these tips to make your pubg nickname looking cool:

1. The shorter the better

PUBG has its character limit for nickname, but it does not mean that you have to maximize them. The best pubg nickname is not a name that is long and complicated. Every catchy name is a short one, so keep it brief.

2. Include unique words

To spice up your nickname, you can include a unique word. It can make your name pop easily. Some people opt for rock names such as amethyst and jade. Unique adjectives are also great, especially if it describes your personality. Sassy and ubiquitous are great examples.

3. Add symbols to the nickname

Words might not be enough to construct a great pubg nickname. You should add symbols to make it catchier. For a simple yet chic nickname, you can use simple shapes like moon and stars. However, the symbols should not be excessive as it can make the name difficult to spell out.

4. Use name that you can read out

Before confirming the name change, you should check if you can read your nickname out. A nickname that you can somewhat read out loud is easier to remember. It is not only about other people recalling your cool pubg mobile name. Spellable names also prevent you from forgetting your account.

5. Personalize the account

To personalize your account, you can try to add the components of your real name. Some people are uncomfortable about this due to privacy concerns. However, you can just add initials to the nickname. Another personal thing to add is your birth year or even the birthday.

Using Name Generators for PUBG Mobile Name

Cool Nickname Ideas for Players
Source: Tech Specs Mart.

Coming up with your own pubg mobile name might be confusing. Luckily, we are living in an era where technology does everything for us. There are name generators that you can use to make a nickname without a fuss. These generators are online and free to use.

Follow these steps to use the tool:

  • Decide on a name that you feel attached to.
  • Visit a name generating website with an interface that you prefer.
  • Type in the name that you have chosen into the bar.
  • Click “Generate” or other relevant buttons on the website.
  • There will be a list of cool nicknames that you can choose. The name already includes symbols and even unique fonts.
  • Copy the nickname that you prefer then paste it onto the name change menu in the PUBG.

A simple search engine quest can help you find the right website that can help you generate a pubg nickname. Nickfinder and Lingojam are among the most popular ones to use. But you can definitely find others that suit your style better. It might even be a lesser known website hardly no one knows about.

The best name for pubg is such an elusive concept. There is no perfect name as the nickname reflects a little something about each individual. You can make your personalized look cool, though. Combining the name tips and generator is a great way to solve this dilemma.

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