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Styling Your Device with the Trendiest PUBG Wallpaper

PUBG is a very addictive game for many people across the globe. Its popularity remains relatively stable and the community is ever growing. Some avid PUBG players even integrate their love for the game into their daily lives. The simplest example is installing pubg wallpaper.

Wallpaper and Device Compatibility

PUBG Mobile wallpaper
Source: Wallpaper Flare.

Regardless of the wallpaper theme, you need to make sure that your chosen image and device are compatible. The wallpaper that you install on your smartphone might not be compatible for your tablet and desktop computer. There are some issues that may happen when you install unfit wallpaper, such as:

  • There might be an uncovered screen part because of the dimension incompatibility.
  • The image will not appear pristine due to incompatibility in pixel quality.
  • In the worst cases, some devices develop bugs after installing unfit wallpaper. It can cause the device to crash.
  • Fitting the desired image to the intended device with a photo editing app might be difficult for people who are not used to this kind of app.

Some websites that allow you to download wallpaper PUBG start to diversify their wallpaper options. You can find tabs that are dedicated for desktop computer wallpaper and others that are designed for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If not, you can always check the picture’s resolution.

Here are some tips to get wallpaper images that appear beautiful on your device:

  • Using search engines to look for the right images.
  • Paying attention to the device’s specification.
  • Downloading HD images with a ratio that fits the device.
  • Avoid websites that look shady.

The Best PUBG Wallpaper Samples

PUBG Wallpaper Samples
Source: Wallpaper Flare.

PUBG-themed wallpapers look cool when installed in the device. Many players love the dystopian color scheme. Here are some themes of pubg wallpaper that steal people’s heart right of the bat:

1. The Battleground Panorama

Usually the game’s wallpaper shows the male character whose head is covered in a helmet. This wallpaper is iconic, but it can get repetitive. You can find some wallpapers on the internet that show the panorama of PUBG’s battleground.

2. High Stake Battle

Going off with a bang should be everyone’s motto! If you want your device to look more badass, a wallpaper that depicts PUBG’s high stake battle might suffice. Usually wallpapers with such vibe will show the characters posing in front of bright blasts or shots from the sky.

3. Guns and Armors

The game gets its cult following for many reasons, but particularly the vast options of guns and armors. Thus, it should not surprise you to know that many people download wallpapers that show guns and armors from PUBG. Even a wallpaper with a helmet and assault rifle lying around is really captivating.

4. Unique Character

Displaying unique characters other than the man in a helmet that has been PUBG’s icon for years might suit your unique taste more. For female gamers, being represented by tough female shooters might be refreshing. You can also find a pubg wallpaper that displays characters in camo hiding in bushes.

5. The Dream Team

The community sense of PUBG is well-represented in wallpapers like this. You can find images in which several characters standing together to defeat the enemies or posing in front of ruins. Seeing such dream team feels great for an avid player, especially if they love playing in groups.

Downloading PUBG-Themed Wallpaper 

Downloading PUBG-Themed Wallpaper 
Source: Tech Foogle.

How to download pubg wallpaper? The following steps are not difficult to follow:

  • Use a search engine and type the relevant keywords such as “pubg wallpaper
  • Click the top searches as they usually contain images that you are looking for
  • Navigate through the wallpapers options being offered by the website
  • Check if the wallpaper can fit the device you are about to install it in
  • Download the wallpaper to the device, please make sure the internet connection is stable for a successful download
  • Install the wallpaper through the Setting menu in your device
  • See if the wallpaper affects the way your device run

If you are using an iOS device, you can follow these steps to change your boring wallpaper into exciting PUBG theme:

  • Head to “Wallpaper” menu located in the “Settings”
  • Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  • Choose the PUBG image that you have download into the device’s library
  • Scale the image to fit better with the screen but remember that incompatible resolutions may break the image
  • Confirm the installation and choose where to display the wallpaper: lock screen, home screen, or both

Meanwhile, Android users can follow these steps:

  • After downloading the pubg wallpaper, go to the gallery
  • Click on the image and tap the three vertical dots at the right top side
  • Opt for “Select as wallpaper”
  • Choose among home screen, lock screen,or the two of them for the installation

Having PUBG-themed wallpaper on their device might be meaningful to some people, especially the fans. Besides, it also makes the device look trendy. The process of downloading the wallpaper image is not difficult. You only need to make sure that the device and image are fit to each other.

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