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Diona Genshin Impact – Beginner’s Guide to Diona

Diona Genshin Impact might be one of the most intriguing characters you can find in this game. Diona is a relatively new character that appears as of update 1.1. This healer character might be the one you have been looking for in this game.

Diona is a very young catgirl that has quite low health, even after you have leveled her up. However, that does not mean she is an unworthy character you can play in Genshin Impact. Diona is very famous for her shields and support abilities, which is why she can be a very great asset to her team.

Because of her many supporting skills, Diona has a very great defensive ability. However, she has a couple of perks that will help you throughout the game.

How Can I Get Diona?

diona genshin impact

The first thing you need to know is how to get Diona Genshin Impact. This character is a part of the Farewell of Snezhnaya banner, which has a limited time. Diona is a four-star character that has a 2.2% pull rate. You will see her accompanied by Ningguang and Beidou, both of whom are also four-star characters. You will also find Tartaglia that rounds off the same banner.

What is Diona’s Backstory?

diona genshin impact

Now that you know how to get Diona, let’s talk about her unique backstory. Diona is very unique because of her unusual backstory. What you need to know about Diona is the fact that she is a quite famous bartender.

Diona has a reputation as an excellent drink mixer. However, the whole thing is ironic because Diona herself does not like alcohol. She even has plans to destroy the wine industry in Mondstadt. Her most famous drink is one that contains milk, chili, and soy sauce. She invented the drink to turn the citizens away from alcohol. However, it turns out to be one of her most famous drinks.

What are Diona’s Skills?

diona genshin impact

Even though Diona is not a headliner, you should never ignore the power she has. Since she is an excellent supporting character, she can truly add a new dimension to your team. And she is a pretty unique character that will add aesthetics to your party.

Diona’s normal attack is Katzlein Style. She has a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack. Her Normal Attack involves five non-elemental arrows that she fires to her enemy. Her Charged Attack involves an Aimed Shot that will inflict Cryo damage. Meanwhile, her Plunging Attack allows her to slam down and deal AoE damage to her enemies.

Diona Genshin Impact has Icy Paws as her Elemental Skill. With this skill, she will send two Icy Paws to her enemies. This skill will inflict Cryo damage to all of the enemies located in front of her. Other than that, she will also obtain a shield that will scale her HP. This shield will last longer each time she hit an enemy with her Icy Paws.

When Diona charges her Icy Paws, she will dash backward. After that, she will fire a total of five Icy Paws instead of two. She will also gain a 75% damage absorption with her shield if she charges her Icy Paws Elemental Skill.

Diona’s Elemental Burst is Signature Mix. With this skill, she will create a Drunker Mist. This mist will deal AoE Cryo damage to her enemies. But if she has allies inside the mist, it will heal her allies. With the right Diona build Genshin Impact, you can improve her skills even further.

Diona’s passive skills include the Cat’s Tail Secret Menu, Drunkard’s Farce, and Complimentary Bar Food. Cat’s Tail Secret Menu will increase the movement speed of any character that is shielded by Icy Paws. Drunkard’s Farce will increase the attack stat reduction of enemies inside the Drunkard’s Mist. Complimentary Bar Food will increase Diona’s chances of creating double the product while she is cooking any meal.

What are Diona’s Constellations?

diona genshin impact

Diona has a couple of Constellations you should know about. Without further ado, here are her constellations.

  • A Lingering Flavor
  • Shaken, Not Purred
  • A- Another Round?
  • Wine Industry Slayer
  • Double Shot, On the Rocks
  • Cat’s Tail Closing Time

Diona’s Build and Weapons

Lastly, let’s talk about her build and the best weapons for her. Diona is very well-suited for the healer role. Because she has low HP, she can become a liability if you use her as a fighter. That is why you might not want to put her on the frontline.

As for her weapons, Diona will become much stronger with the help of two weapons. You can choose between the Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow. The Favonius Warbow will improve her chances of generating Elemental Particles as you make Critical Hits. The Sacrificial Bow will increase her chances to end the cooldown of an Elemental Skill.

The best artifact for Diona is the Maiden Beloved. This artifact will increase the effectiveness of Character Healing by as much as 15%. And that is why you should use this artifact for Diona.


Diona is a very worthy character you can use in Genshin Impact. She is a healer that will become a great asset if you properly use her skills. You should also equip her with the best build, weapons, and artifacts to improve her abilities. That is what you should know about Diona Genshin Impact.

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