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Exploring Roman Rare Units in Road to Valor: Empires

Rare Units in Road to Valor : Empires – Krafton’s latest PvP sensation, “Road to Valor: Empires,” has surged in mobile gaming. Offering real-time strategy battles, players engage in global competition while commanding mythical beings, heroes, and various army units. The game’s essence revolves around Guardians and Battle Units, with players choosing among four civilizations—Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese Guardians—to build their formidable deck.

This comprehensive guide delves into the array of Roman rare units featured in Road to Valor: Empires, offering an in-depth understanding of the Roman Guardians and Battle Units within the game.

Roman Rare Units in Road to Valor: Empires

Players should be aware that initially, not all units, whether Guardians or battle units are accessible. Some units will remain locked initially, gradually unlocking as players progress through levels. The Guardian takes charge of leading an eight-unit army into battle.

Each Guardian possesses a passive skill benefiting all units within the eight-unit army, along with two active skills that offer strategic advantages during battles. However, utilizing these functional skills requires charging the “Skill meter” beforehand.

Primarily, the game features three Roman Guardians:


Known as the exceptional general who led the empire to its peak, he was celebrated for his tactical prowess and leadership.

Passive: Augments the Attack Damage of Roman units by 10%.

Active skills:

  • Catapult Launch: Unleashes 6 Catapults from the rear, launching substantial stones at the target area every 1.0 seconds, each inflicting 234 damage.
  • Heroic Presence: Caesar emerges on the front lines for 18 seconds, summoning 4 trained Auxilia intermittently, inspiring all allied units across the battlefield.


Revered as the god of the dead and ruler of the underworld, commanding infernal flames to engulf everything in sight.

Passive: Accumulates 1 CP (points/bars visible below the Guardian on-screen) when an allied Guard Tower is destroyed.

Active skills:

  • Definite Strike: Empowers ally units in the target area with a 60% increase in max HP and Attack Damage. However, HP diminishes by 5% every second in return.
  • Hellfire: Engulfs all units and buildings in flames. Once the fire dissipates, it amplifies MP (mana points) recovery speed by 100% for 7 seconds.


Recognized as the goddess of war and justice, she safeguards and battles alongside allies until victory is secured.

Passive: Triggers Goddess’s Protection when Keep and Guard Towers fall below 50% HP.

Active skills:

  • Goddess’s Protection: Bestows invulnerability upon all ally units and buildings within the targeted area for 3 seconds.
  • Incarnation: Summons Athena, the Goddess of War, for 16 seconds.

Roman Guardians in Road to Valor: Empires

rare units in Road to Valor Empires

Exploring Roman Battle Units and their Distinct Abilities In the realm of Road to Valor: Empires, let’s delve into the unique skills of Roman battle units:

Legion Pilum Throwers (Common unit)

These units, with a count of 6, specialize in targeting Cavalry. Though not as extensive as a bow, their ranged attacks significantly damaged cavalry units.

Spear Hurl: Boosts damage by 75% when attacking Cavalry and possesses a 5% chance to dismount enemies.

Legion Cavalry (Common unit)

Consisting of 3 units, Legion Cavalry serves as versatile single-target fighters effective against most units. They charge through enemy formations, supporting allies or targeting enemy rears due to their swift mobility.

  • Cavalry charge: Rushes to the target area with a 30% speed increase, inflicting 19 (+2) damage to enemy units in the path.
  • Horsemanship: Inflicts more damage and has more excellent HP than Infantry but risks being dismounted by Spearmen, losing 50% of maximum HP when dismounted.

Auxilia (Common unit)

This melee-focused unit comprises 12 members who, due to their lack of training, become frightened when witnessing their allies’ retreat.

Terrified: The remaining troops retreat via the rear path if the unit reduces to 6 or fewer Auxilia.

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Legion Spearman (Rare unit)

With 12 units, these Spearman excel at single-target combat, specializing in countering enemy cavalry due to their extended range.

Spearmanship: Blocks Cavalry charges, increases damage by 75% when attacking Cavalry, and carries a 5% chance to dismount enemies.

Legion Shieldsmen (Rare unit)

A shielding unit of 9 members, the Legion Shieldsmen focus on single-target defense. Their robust shields at the front lines provide protective cover for allies.

  • Shield Up: Utilizes shields to absorb damage equivalent to 75% of maximum HP. While shields are active, they reduce ranged damage by 75%.
  • Strong Shield: Effectively wards off and mitigates non-magic attacks by 10%.

Gladiators (Rare Unit)

Gladiators comprise five units and specialize in combating infantry. Their focus is melee-based, concentrating on single targets.

Fire Archers (Elite unit)

Fire Archers consist of ten units and are oriented toward ranged single-target attacks. While not prominently visible on the battlefield, they inflict substantial damage.

Flaming Arrow: Engages in dealing 18 burning damage per second for 5 seconds.

Centurion (Elite unit)

The Centurion operates as a singular unit, engaging in melee-range combat with area damage effects.

Leadership: Nearby allies experience 30% less damage and match the Centurion’s movement speed.

Ballista (Elite unit)

A single-count unit that deals piercing damage from a long-range attack. Shields are ineffective against the formidable, giant arrows, an iconic warfare device from Rome.

  • Pierce Blow: Projects a lethal projectile that pierces and damages everything in its trajectory.
  • Shield Breaker: Bypasses the reduced ranged damage effects of Shields Up and Shield Wall.
  • Stone Armor: Provides immunity to petrification and poison.

Legion Lancers (Elite Unit)

Comprising four units, Legion Lancers are specifically efficient against Cavalry. They exhibit exceptional spear skills and mobility, making them formidable adversaries against enemy cavalry units.

  • Cavalry Charge: Engages in a 30% faster movement speed charge towards the target area, dealing 34 damage to enemy units.
  • Horsemanship: Inflicts more damage and possesses higher HP than Infantry, although prone to being dismounted by Spearmen, losing 50% max HP when dismounted.
  • Spearmanship: Blocks Cavalry Charges, increasing damage by 75% when attacking Cavalry and having a 20% chance to dismount the enemy.

Trojan Horse (Elite Unit)

Upon deployment, this Elite unit obliterates other units, focusing on single-target damage and serving as a siege unit. Once infiltrated deep into enemy territory, the troops on board create chaos. The summoned units comprise five trained Auxilia, Legion Shieldsmen, Gladiators, Fire Archers, and Legion Spearmen.

Spartacus (Epic unit)

A unit focused on single-target melee combat.

  • Fatality: Has a 30% chance to instantly eliminate an enemy unit with 30% or lower HP.
  • Gladiator’s Instinct: Inspires units for 5 seconds upon defeating an enemy, increasing Attack and Movement Speed by 20%.

Achilles (Epic Unit)

Achilles, a singular unit, wields a spear and delivers area damage. He proved highly effective against cavalry units.

  • Hero’s Spear: Blocks Cavalry Charges, deals 100% additional damage based on the base damage, and has a 75% chance to dismount the enemy when attacking Cavalry. Also, jumps toward faraway enemies, dealing 230 damage.
  • Shields Up: Utilizes shields to absorb damage equal to 75% of max HP, reducing ranged damage by 75% while active.

Medusa (Mythic Unit)

Medusa, a single-count Mythic unit, engages in ranged pierce attacks, petrifying anyone who gazes at her.

  • Petrification: Transforms onlookers into stone, immobilizing them for 4 seconds. [Cooldown: 12 seconds]
  • Piercing Volley: Launches 5 shooting arrows fanning out after release.

Minotaur (Mythic Unit)

In a single count, this melee-based Mythic unit delivers area damage, wielding an axe to wreak havoc.

  • Monstrous Presence: Instantly deploys to an allied area target and deals 189 damage.
  • Fury: Executes axe swings three times when at or below 50% HP, dealing 884 damage. Cooldown decreases up to 60% as HP decreases. [Cooldown: 15 seconds.]

Roman Buildings in Road to Valor: Empires

The list features Roman buildings with their distinct characteristics:

Watchtower (Common)

An effective defender of all areas, focusing on single-target threats, where guards initiate fire upon sighting enemies.

  • Detector: Capable of detecting nearby cloaked enemies.

Legion Pilum Throwers (Common unit)

These troops excel against Cavalry, offering ranged attacks with a unit count 6. While their range may not be as extensive as archers, they perform admirably, especially against cavalry units.

  • Spear Hurl: Increases damage by 75% against Cavalry and has a 5% chance to dismount the enemy.

Legion Cavalry (Common unit)

A force of 3 cavalry units, highly effective against all enemy types. They swiftly charge through enemy lines, providing mobility to support allies or strike the enemy’s rear.

  • Cavalry Charge: Speeds toward a target area with a 30% movement increase, dealing 19 (+2) damage to enemy units.

Auxilia (Common unit)

A melee-focused unit comprising 12 soldiers. Their lack of experience causes fear when witnessing allies retreating.

  • Terrified: When the unit’s strength dwindles to 6 or fewer soldiers, the remaining units retreat through the rear path.

Legion Spearman (Rare unit)

With a unit count 12, these soldiers effectively counter enemy cavalry due to their extended range.

  • Spearmanship: Thwarts Cavalry charges, amplifies damage by 75% against Cavalry, and has a 5% chance to dismount enemies.

Legion Shieldsmen (Rare unit)

A unit of 9 focused on shielding, providing front-line defense to allies.

Shield Up: Utilizes shields to absorb damage equal to 75% of their maximum HP. While active, it reduces ranged damage by 75%.

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Roman Buildings and Distinctive Features

rare units in Road to Valor Empires

Field Hospital (Rare)

This rare structure reinforces allies upon their death, equipping and sending them directly back into the battlefield.

  • Urgent Care: When 10 ally units suffer fatal damage, a selected number receive immediate care and rejoin as Gladiators. Two Gladiators are recovered.

Catapult (Rare)

Inflicts area damage but requires preparation time. Once launched, it provides a considerable advantage.

  • Shield Breaker: Bypasses Shields Up and Shield Wall’s reduced ranged damage effect.

Senate (Rare)

This building offers support to the Roman faction.

  • Military Policy: After deployment, gain 1 MP every 8 seconds.

Dryad (Mythic Unit)

A mythical structure causing pierce damage and housing fairies that harness life’s energy to immobilize incoming enemies.

Uproot: When HP falls to 50% or lower, the Dryad transforms into a non-building unit and advances toward the enemy camp.

These structures can be upgraded using the ‘Upgrade’ option, enhancing their HP and attack damage in Road to Valor: Empires.

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