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Exploring the Desolate Territories of the Land of Dawn

Greetings! From the far reaches of the northern lands to the vast southern seas, Mobile Legends heroes have traversed great distances to engage in epic battles. The stage for these battles is the Land of Dawn, comprising seven unique regions. One of the most renowned areas within the Land of Dawn is The Barren Lands.

Discovering the World of Mobile Legends: Land of Dawn

The Land of Dawn is the dwelling place for all the heroes of Mobile Legends, home to various races, including humans, fairies, demons, and more. Within this land, several factions such as The Abyss, Moniyan Empire, Eruditio, and others coexist, each contributing to diverse locales.

The Moniyan Empire, ruled by Silvanna, occupies a significant portion of the Land of Dawn and is inhabited by heroes of the human race like Alucard and Tigreal. Silvanna’s younger sister fell into the clutches of the Devil during her childhood, and her brother, Dyroth, still resides in the empire.

Moving to a different region, the Cadia Riverland, situated in the eastern sector, is governed by Yu Zhong, the reincarnation of a black dragon that once dominated the area, eventually defeating the Great Dragon.

Next is the Azrya Woodlands, where the Fairy race thrives. This region is home to heroes resembling Lionin and various Fairies like Miya, Nana, Harith, Karina, and more, all led by their king, Estes.

On the western side lies Vonetis Island, a place of unparalleled beauty and rich tradition, populated by typical heroes of the region such as Kadita, Badang, and Lapu-Lapu. Conversely, the Barren Lands, once a thriving region, has become a desolate, bleak expanse, thanks to the arrival of The Abyss, which wrought significant changes on the land.

Ageta Dryland is a sandy terrain where arid conditions prevail, with heroes like Khufra, Esmeralda, and Khaleed making this region their home. In stark contrast to the drylands, the Northern Vale is an icy domain housing heroes like Franco, Bane, and Atlas, with a legendary tale associated with the hero Freya.

Lastly, a mysterious region known as the Special Area is shrouded in secrecy and holds many enigmatic secrets within the Land of Dawn.

The Land of Dawn boasts several crucial artifacts, such as the Twilight Orb, Aurora Heart, Reverse Scales, Orb of Sands, and Heart of Anima, each playing a significant role in the Mobile Legends lore.

Unveiling The Barren Lands in the Land of Dawn

The Barren Lands, situated in the southernmost reaches of the Land of Dawn map in Mobile Legends, is the most forbidding and hopeless region. It has earned its grim reputation due to the rise of darkness, leading to the loss of all hope and miracles in this desolate landscape.

The Barren Lands was once a prosperous region. Still, it was plunged into despair and destruction due to the emergence of The Abyss and the evil presence known as the Necrokeep.

The Barren Lands can be further divided into five main areas: Lantis Mountain, Stormeye Wasteland, Askati Forest, Abyss Crack, and Necrokeep, each offering its own unique story.

Lantis Mountains


These towering mountains, the longest in the Land of Dawn, acted as a barrier to prevent the Abyss from spreading further and once held the legendary power of the Ancient Ones. These enigmatic beings, whose whereabouts remain a mystery, were the ancient residents of this region.

Heroes like Grock, a stone man with a contract with the Ancient Ones, call this place home. Grock, upon awakening and finding the Ancient Ones absent, decided to shoulder their castle and venture out in search of them.

Stormeye Wasteland


Located within the Shadow Swamp, the Stormeye Wasteland was once home to the orcs, now the last surviving members of their race in the Land of Dawn. Unfortunately, the Abyss’s unrelenting expansion led to the orcs’ enslavement by demons. Balmond, a hero from this region, consumed Blood Demons in his quest for liberation and joined forces with Alice to free the orcs.



Necrokeep is a region tainted by an everlasting curse, once a thriving center ruled by a King and Queen. It has become a territory under the shadow of the undead Queen Vexana’s curse. Visitors to this land are haunted by evil spirits, and their life energy is drained, leaving them in despair.

Heroes in this region include Queen Vexana, who became a living corpse due to her husband’s betrayal, along with Magician Faramis and Knights Leomord.

Askati Forest


The Askati Forest is the only area unaffected by the Abyss’s influence, thanks to the natural barrier created by towering mountain peaks. This geographical protection has preserved the forest’s vibrant vegetation and ecosystem. Heroes of this region include Pharsa, the Crow Princess of Askati Forest, who lost her eyesight while battling Alice.

Abyss Crack


The Abyss Crack mysteriously appeared at the end of the Golden Era, accompanied by deep chasms filled with dark power, preventing anyone from seeing their bottom. Sentient beings entering this region are subjected to extreme torture. Heroes in this ominous land include Alice, the Blood Demon Queen, Argus, the Fallen Divine Angel, Helcurt, Fire Demon King Thamuz, Craftsman Terizla, and Empire Prince Dyrroth.

And so, the tale of The Barrenlands reveals a once-thriving region now fraught with despair. These are some insights into the captivating world of Land of Dawn in Mobile Legends, where you can conveniently top up Mobile Legends accounts on UniPin.

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