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Hard-to-die Character? Here are Facts About Miguel Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game. This game is very popular among teenagers. This game has many characters, one of them is Miguel. Who is Miguel Free Fire? Here are the facts about the Miguel Free Fire character that you should know.

Who is Miguel Free Fire?

Miguel is a character that is hard to die for. Why? This is because Miguel Free Fire is a character that can increase EP when he kills his enemies. Therefore, Miguel is very durable in Free Fire matches.

But actually, what is Miguel Free Fire character look like? It turns out that this character has an interesting story. Miguel is a male character with the age of 26 years. Miguel was born on September 7 and he served as a soldier or special forces.

Miguel has childhood friends named Paloma and Antonio who finally choose a different path by joining a criminal organization and becoming Miguel’s enemy. Miguel himself is a special forces commander who was elected and became the squad leader. Therefore his character is unusual and has made many achievements with his team. Miguel’s goal is to make the world fair.

However, Miguel also experienced failures that made him realize that he had been betrayed by the person he trusted the most. Currently Miguel has the main task of pursuing criminal organizations. Miguel has a special characteristic, namely his trademark clothing which is equipped with a beret hat on his head. This makes Miguel an authoritative character.

Miguel-Free-Fire-Profile What Skills Does Miguel Free Fire Have?

This Miguel has a skill called Crazy Slayer where this skill can restore EP when he manages to get a kill from his enemy. There are several Miguel Free Fire skills that you can use to push ranked and of course there are different stages at the levels.

First is the crazy layer 1 skill which will recover 30 EP every time you get a kill. Second, the crazy layer 2 skill which can recover 40 EP. Third, the crazy layer 3 skill which is able to recover 50 EP. Then at level four there is 60 EP every time Miguel gets a kill.

At level 5, Miguel is able to recover 70 EP and at level 6 will recover 80 EP. Interestingly, at level 3 skill crazy layer you will get Miguel’s special set. You will also get the crazy skill layer level 6 at the last level and at this stage you will get The Banner of Miguel, The Brazil Soldier.

What Weapon Does Miguel Free Fire Use?

With Miguel Free Fire ability to recover EP, this makes Miguel a role rusher for free fire. But you shouldn’t be over because Miguel is more suitable to be used as a second fragger than a rusher who must first start the fight. There are several weapons that Miguel Free Fire uses when facing battles with his enemies.

The first is SKS. This weapon is a long-range weapon with a high enough fire rate to be used as a sniper. The damage inflicted from this weapon is quite high because it is equipped with a scope, so you can shoot enemies from a distance easily.

The second weapon that Miguel usually uses is the SCAR. Unlike SKS, SCAR is an assault rifle that is more stable to use. This weapon has a low recoil. Meanwhile in terms of damage, the damage produced by this weapon is quite large, especially for those of you who don’t have a good enough aim. With Scar, you will get kills more easily at medium and long distances

So what’s the difference between the two weapons? Both are assault rifle weapons, it’s just that if you want to use it for long distances then use SKS. Meanwhile, if you want to use an ideal and easy-to-use weapon, then use SCAR because this weapon is much more stable and easy to use for new players.


Other Facts about Miguel Free Fire You Should Know

In addition to the great Miguel Free Fire abilities, it turns out that there are other facts about him. Miguel is one of the characters who get a skill change in July 2022. Before the update, the Miguel Free Fire character got 80 EP for every time he eliminated an opponent.

Then after the update, this character gets 80 EP every time he knocks on an opponent. Indeed, this change is not significant enough and seems in vain for this Miguel’s character.

Those are some facts about Miguel Free Fire that you should know. For those of you who are new players in Free Fire, this is important information because Miguel Free Fire’s ability can be used as your main weapon to defeat enemies in battle.

But unfortunately, Garena seems to have to make more significant ability changes to Miguel such as increasing movement speed after eliminating his opponent. Hopefully those of you who like to play Free Fire can use this character well, even though this character is no longer a favorite character like it used to be.

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