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How to Earn XP in EA FC 24, Faster & Smarter

For those seeking a competitive edge in EA Sports FC 24, expediting XP acquisition is pivotal. Earn XP swiftly opens avenues to abundant in-game rewards, spanning enhanced customization choices and the opportunity to unlock top-tier players within Ultimate Team.

The longstanding tradition of XP acquisition in Ultimate Team across numerous FIFA iterations persists in the rebranded EA FC 24, presenting an enticing incentive that augments the essence of every football encounter. However, the challenge lies in strategizing ways to expedite XP accrual.

In response to this prevalent challenge, we’ve compiled a user-friendly guide tailored to assist newcomers and seasoned players in maximizing XP earnings. Detailed insights await below.

Strategies for Earn XP in EA FC 24

earn EA FC Points

XP can be garnered by accomplishing various in-game objectives, spanning weekly, monthly, or seasonal challenges. This mechanism mirrors the structure of a battle pass, akin to those found in Fortnite or Call of Duty. The most straightforward approach involves consistent gameplay, naturally unlocking numerous objectives.

Objective Groups have been categorized into multiple tabs at the top of the interface to streamline progress management, facilitating easy navigation and oversight of your accomplishments.

A new ‘Claim All’ feature has been introduced, enabling players to instantly redeem all their rewards and streamlining the process compared to individual unlocking.

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Optimal Approaches for XP Accumulation in EA FC 24

earn EA FC Points

One of the prime methods to amass XP in EA FC 24 is by seizing the opportunity to become an FC Founder, accessible to anyone purchasing the game before November 1st, 2023.

By meeting this criterion, you stand to gain a straightforward 5,000 XP bonus achievable through five tasks outlined in the FC Founder Objectives:

  • Play 3 games – 750 XP
  • Score 3 goals – 750 XP
  • Assist 3 goals – 750 XP
  • Brick Wall (concede fewer than 2 goals in 3 separate games) – 750 XP
  • Goal Scorer (Score 2 or more goals in 3 distinct games) – 750 XP

Upon completing these objectives, an additional 1,250 XP bonus is granted, resulting in 5,000 XP.

Apart from this, engaging in Daily Objectives proves fruitful for accumulating significant XP throughout the week. Simply log in daily and fulfill straightforward tasks like playing a game or scoring goals to maintain consistent progress.

These efforts can contribute to Weekly Objectives, often leading to more substantial XP rewards. Additionally, watch for event objectives occurring at various intervals throughout the year, offering unique opportunities to earn XP by playing with specific players or triumphing against particular teams.

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Lastly, active participation in Divison Rivals and Squad Battles can yield substantial XP rewards. As victories stack up, so does the XP, potentially resulting in significant rewards as you progress through the leagues. However, maintaining composure is advisable, even when faced with last-minute goals that may tempt you to hurl the controller out the window.

EA Sports FC 24 spans multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Interested individuals can acquire the game via Amazon, providing an opportunity to delve into the action this weekend.

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