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How To Get Diamond Free Fire, Safest Ways

As with other battle royale games, Diamond is also important for Free Fire games. Therefore many gamers are looking for ways to get diamond free fire. It is often a question of whether there are Free Fire diamonds that we can enjoy for free?

For those of you gamers who are new to playing the Free Fire game. For information, this game is a survival type game created by Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds. This game is very fun to play, where when each round starts the players are first collected on an island while waiting for other players to be ready to fight.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds

In addition to using diamonds to get war equipment, you can also use the Redeem method, but you also have to be able to get the code. To get the Free Fire redeem code, you can go through

You can use this method as an alternative step. So, here we also include tips and tricks to get free diamond free fire, many Free Fire fans have used this method, moreover, this method is a halal and easy way. Therefore, many appreciate how to get this free Free Fire diamond. Please follow the steps as follows:


Get Free Free Fire Diamonds Using the Whaff Rewards App

Before you use the Whaff Reward application to get diamonds for free, you must first understand what the Whaff Application is. This application is an application where users will get dollars quickly and directly enter.

With these dollars you will easily buy the diamonds needed in your game. If you have used the Whaff application and you have also received dollar coins, the next step is that you can top up buying a domain on Free Fire in the following way:

  • The first step, please open the Free fire Battleground game application on your Android cellphone. If it’s already opened, please select the custom item you want to buy.
  • Please tap the image and then tap top up.
  • Navigate to the menu followed by top up
    In this step you will be directed to buy diamonds, adjust to the dollar balance that you get from whaff.
  • If you have purchased diamond free fire with a balance from whaff, the last step is to continue
  • That way, the custom bundle that you exchanged using 310 diamonds on Free Fire has been successful


How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without Application

So, here are some ways that you can do to get diamond free fire without an application.

Join the giveaway

The first way to get free FF diamonds is by participating in a giveaway. Currently, there are lots of free fire YouTubers who always give giveaways in the form of diamonds on their channels. So if you want to get diamonds, then you can try to follow every giveaway given by the ff youtuber.

But you need to know that getting diamonds from this giveaway is not easy, because you have to compete with other diamond hunters. But there’s nothing wrong with trying, because who knows you might be lucky and get the diamond.

Join the Tournament

The second way is to take part in a free fire tournament whether it’s online or offline. Currently, there are lots of free fire tournaments where the prizes are diamonds. So for those of you who have qualified skills, participating in tournaments is a great way to get diamonds for free.

Join Garena Free Fire Events

Next for how to get this free diamond, that is by participating in the event Free Fire from Garena. Yes, you need to know that currently Garena as a free fire developer always provides the best for its players. One of them is by holding an event where the prize is diamond. One of the events given by Garena is the redeem diamond FF code.

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