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How to Make Android Games in A Very Simple Way

You must be quite pleased and glad to be able to develop or construct a game. Because not everyone has the ability to create games and comprehend how to make Android games. Almost any regular individual who has never worked with programmers or game developers must believe that making a game is a challenging task.

Although it is not entirely incorrect, there are various sorts of games that we may create in a very basic manner; nonetheless, even if this is a simple thing, it needs expertise and certain particular programming abilities.

For beginners, you must understand how to make Android games. Because developing games for Android differs from developing apps. Even still, learning the fundamental algorithms and Android programming is required before creating games or applications. At the very least, the developers have these two items.

It will be easier about how to make Android games if you already have the expertise or a basic grasp of programming for Android. If you want to learn how to make games for Android, you may start with this simple instruction.

Choosing Game Concepts

The first thing to consider when designing and developing a game is the concept of the game itself. What genre will this game be created in? There are several genres to pick from, including 2D platformers, VR-based games, FPS (first-person shooter), battle royale, RPG, and many more.

After deciding the game idea to be produced, we must also identify what benefits will be the game’s draw. Furthermore, after the game concept has matured, we may select the proper tool to construct it. Technical aspects such as sound effects and in-game music tracks must also be considered.


Installation of the Android SDK and Android Studio

The next step in creating Android games is to install the necessary tools, which are the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and the Android Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Both are approved tools for creating Android games and apps.

To begin developing games with these two fundamental technologies, you must first master the Java programming language. Both programs also support hardware acceleration using the OpenGL or Vulkan API standards.

Use Unity or Unreal Engine

Combining the IDE with graphics engines such as Unreal and Unity may make the construction of simple to sophisticated games easier. Both engines are popular among developers and provide an interface that allows even inexperienced developers to create games.

Unity is a programming language that may be used to create simple 2D games. The resultant game requires fewer resources to run, thus it can be played on most Android handsets. Unreal is better suited for creating 3D games with extensive graphic elements.

This graphics engine is written in C++ and may be run on a PC or a console. Although it has excellent visuals, Unreal takes more powerful resources and may require a smartphone with high hardware to play.

Beginning Game Development

The final stage is to work on building the game using the pre-prepared tools. This game development process requires the use of a programming language and relies on a solid grasp of algorithms. Other materials, such as sound effects, theme music, and logos, are also being prepared.


Using Website

If you don’t want to be distracted by unfamiliar programs, you may go to a website dedicated to game development. One of these is Appsgeyser. You should have no trouble following the procedures. Here are the procedures;

  • You go to and click the Create Now button.
  • Next, choose Other Apps. This is the website where you may make games. Because the website offers more than just games.
  • Next, choose the Matching Puzzle.
  • This is an example of creating a puzzle game. You must offer at least six distinct photographs to represent the challenge while attempting to create this game.
  • Change all of the components as needed.
  • If you have, you can first see the preview. If so, proceed by clicking Next.
  • Complete all of the processes according to your requirements.
  • Select Create. Previously, you had to have an Appsgeyser account to obtain the game Apk file that you had previously made.

Quickappninja is also a website where you may develop your own game. To learn how to build Android games on Quickappninja, you must first register on the site. There are five different sorts of games available on this website.

Guessing pictures, guessing pictures with words, guessing pictures with a puzzle, stringing words together, and lastly, conversation history. Those are the five sorts of games provided on the website. In this example, we will create a word guessing game.

  1. Select the game option. We will select between Guess the Picture or Guess the Picture by Word.
  2. A panel will open where you may change the game’s content and colors. Game symbols, game themes, in-game quiz materials, game audio, game menus, and other items must be altered. You only need to make your selection based on your preferences.
  3. You will then be prompted to select a game source. You just enter the game name, email address, terms, and the number of letters.

When you’re finished, click Generate Game in the right corner. All that remains is for the game to be downloaded and posted to the Google Play Store.

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