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Important! Best Build Aloy Genshin Impact

Aloy, the intrepid protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn, has unexpectedly appeared in the enchanting world of Genshin Impact thanks to a remarkable collaboration between miHoYo and Horizon Zero Dawn. Who would have ever imagined these two incredible gaming universes coming together?

Here’s the exciting part: You can add Aloy to your roster for free! All it takes is logging in at the designated time. PlayStation players can harness Aloy’s power in version 2.1, while PC, mobile, and iOS players can recruit her in version 2.2. But, you might wonder, just how formidable is she?

Overview Aloy Genshin Impact

Aloy strides onto the scene as the Burst DPS extraordinaire, wielding a bow and harnessing the Cryo element. Her skill set is refreshingly straightforward, and she can seamlessly switch between various roles as a DPS powerhouse, sub-DPS support, or Cryo energy provider.

When Aloy deploys her Elemental Skill, she hurls a bomb at her foes, which, upon detonation, inflicts Cryo damage. Afterward, the bomb shatters into scattered fragments. Here’s the exciting part: Each piece that connects with an enemy awards Aloy a stack. Once she accumulates four piles, her attacks become imbued with Cryo for 10 seconds.

Not only does this skill dish out substantial Cryo damage, but it also generates an impressive five energy particles and boasts a reasonably quick 20-second cooldown. It’s tailor-made for functioning as an energy battery for other Cryo characters like Eula and Ayaka.

Aloy’s Elemental Burst sees her swiftly lobbing a bomb, causing Cryo damage across a wide area. What’s great about this attack is its efficiency, as it demands relatively low energy costs.

Artifact Choice


Aloy’s choice of artifacts largely depends on the role you want her to fulfill in your party.

Consider outfitting her with the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer set for a DPS-focused Aloy. This artifact synergy shines when building a Freeze-focused team, as it can freeze enemies and significantly boost her Critical Rate.

If you’re leaning towards a sub-DPS or battery role, the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set is your go-to choice. Thanks to Aloy’s Elemental Burst’s short cooldown, she can consistently tap into the Attack buff this set provides. 

Alternatively, mix it up with two pieces of Noblesse Oblige and two of Blizzard Strayer or Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence for variety.

Regarding primary stats, prioritize ATK%, Cryo Damage Bonus, and Crit Rate/Crit Damage. As for sub-stats, focus on Crit Rate/Crit Damage, ATK%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery.

Weapon Selection

Weapons for Aloy can be categorized into the best weapons and the best F2P (Free-to-Play) options.

For the cream of the crop, look no further than 5-star weapons like Thundering Pulse, Skyward Harp, Amos Bow, and Elegy for The End. These weapons boast high base Attacks and impressive passive effects. Don’t forget about The Viridescent Hunt, available through the Battle Pass.

If you aim for F2P weapons, consider The Stringless, Alley Hunter, or Wildblume Ode for sub-DPS roles. As for batteries, you can rely on Favonius Warbow or Sacrificial Bow.

And for those who want Aloy to excel in a DPS role, Rust, Hamayumi, or Blackcliff Warbow are great picks. Prototype Crescent is an option, too, though it requires a bit more time to make the most of its passive effect.

Team Composition


Aloy can shine in various team compositions, but one standout choice is the Freeze team, much like other Cryo characters. In a sub-DPS role, she can replace Cryo characters like Rosaria, Kaeya, or Diona, offering her Cryo abilities valuable energy particles and burst damage.

Alternatively, consider the Reverse Melt composition, which relies on Cryo characters to deal Melt damage. Aloy can play a crucial role in ensuring that the Cryo character inflicts Melt damage, with a focus on frequent Elemental Skill and Burst swaps.

Aloy can also be a versatile Cryo battery, fitting seamlessly into teams featuring Eula, Ayaka, or Ganyu. However, the reigning champion of Cryo battery characters is Diona. If you lack Diona or need a Cryo battery on multiple teams during Spiral Abyss runs, Aloy can fill that role admirably.

Pro Tips

Here are some insider tips to maximize Aloy’s potential:

Rest easy when using her Elemental Skill and collecting stacks, knowing the piles won’t disappear when Aloy leaves the battlefield. This feature simplifies team rotations, eliminating the need to fret about losing precious stacks. Think of it as akin to Noelle’s Elemental Burst.

Aloy’s stack mechanism operates with an internal cooldown of 0.1 seconds. As a result, it’s not advisable to use characters like Kazuha, Jean, or Sucrose to collect bomb fragments, as they will only count as a single stack.

Finally, for PlayStation players wielding Aloy’s unique weapon, Predator, it’s worth noting that this weapon doesn’t outshine existing options. Despite its distinctive characteristics, it sports a lower base Attack compared to other choices. Whatever it is, you can also Top Up Genshin Impact on UniPin right now!

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