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Important! The Best Kaveh Genshin Impact Build

Even though he was released as a B4 character, Kaveh actually offers a role as a good enabler character, especially compared to other Dendro B4 characters released earlier.

Kaveh, who is an architect, also appears on several occasions, and his interactions with other characters always manage to attract attention.

So, how do you play Kaveh in Genshin Impact? Check out the following explanation:

The Best Kaveh Genshin Impact Build

Overview Gameplay Kaveh


Kaveh is a B4 Dendro character with a Claymore weapon. How to play it leans more towards enablers/drivers but can still be played as an off-field DPS like other characters.

Kaveh has a unique mechanic, which can manipulate Bloom’s reactions so he can detonate Dendro Cores faster than they should. Bloom’s own reaction is Dendro’s, which can only be played optimally by the Nilou team. The rest teams that use Dendro Cores are more inclined to take advantage of Hyperbloom and Burgeon reactions. That way, Kaveh’s game can resemble Nilou’s.

Unfortunately, in practice, Kaveh’s unique abilities are not as good as in theory. With his Elemental Skills capable of detonating all the Dendro Cores around him, the most efficient way is to detonate as many Dendro Cores as possible in one use of an Elemental Skill.

However, with the Damage Sequence mechanic implemented in Genshin Impact, enemies can only receive explosive damage from a maximum of 2 Dendro Cores at a time. That way, Kaveh will find it challenging to produce significant damage if you rely only on damage from Bloom’s reaction.

In addition, Kaveh has another unique passive talent, which will restore his HP based on his Elemental Mastery when he takes damage from an explosion of Dendro Cores. This will be enough to help Kaveh’s resilience in Bloom’s team, especially Nilou Bloom, because of the nature of Bloom’s reaction, which is friendly fire. Not infrequently in the group, the character can die first before successfully completing the challenge due to an explosion from the Dendro Cores.

Armed with this self-sustaining ability, Kaveh has his own power within the Bloom or Burgeon teams that can hurt the team. He can still be used on the Hyperbloom team, although this healing ability will not be active.

Aside from being an enabler, Kaveh can also be played as an on-field DPS. Because it has Dendro Infusion, the gameplay is similar to Alhaitham.

Talent Priority: Elemental Skill > Normal Attack.


The best Artifact that Kaveh can use is the 4-pc Deepwood Memories. This artifact is suitable for building enablers and main DPS.

To maximize the damage generated, 4-pc Deepwood Memories can be used by other characters, then Kaveh can use 4-pc Gilded Dreams or 4-pc Gladiator’s Finale.

Alternatively, you can use a combination of 2-pc Deepwood Memories, GildedDreams, Wanderer’sTroupe, Emblem of Severed Fate, or Ocean-HuedClam.

Because his playstyle relies on Dendro Infusion from his Elemental Burst, Kaveh’s Energy Recharge% needs must be met before looking for other stats. This ER% stat can be collected through Artifacts or weapons.

ER% recommendation: 180%-200%.

Main stats wanted:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge% / EM (enabler) / ATK% (DPS).
  • Goblet: EM (enabler) / Dendro DMG Bonus% (DPS).
  • Circlet: EM (enabler) / Crit Rate/DMG% (DPS).
  • Sub stat priority: ER% > Elemental Mastery = Crit Rate/DMG% (depending on build) > ATK%.


The Favonius Greatsword is the best weapon for Kaveh’s every playstyle because this weapon can meet Kaveh’s energy needs and produce additional energy particles for himself and the team’s characters. This will also help relieve the energy needs of the other characters.

You can use Mailed Flower, Forest Regalia, Rainslasher, Makhaira Aquamarine, or BloodtaintedGreatsword for alternative weapons. The choice of weapons above is divided into two types: weapons with ER% and EM substations, so you can choose which one you have and need.

If you want Kaveh to deal greater damage, the B5 weapon, in general, can still be used as a statistic.

Team Composition


The presence of Kaveh as Dendro’s character will undoubtedly increase the variety of characters in Nilou Bloom’s team. Basically, in this team, you only need 1 more Hydro character and 1 more Dendro character. For example, you could use Kaveh, Nilou, Kokomi/Barbara, or Nahida/Dendro MC/Yaoyao.

Kaveh as a Dendro driver, can also be used on the Hyperbloom or Burgeon team. But keep in mind that Kaveh’s passive talent only increases damage from Dendro Cores explosions, so Hyperbloom and Burgeon’s reactions will not experience an increase in damage.

Examples of teams you can use are Kaveh, Xingqiu, Yelan, and Kuki Shinobu/Thoma.

On the Quicken team, Kaveh is more able to take advantage of this reaction to increase his personal damage. Together with the character Electro, Kaveh can form a Quicken team. Examples of teams that can be used are Kaveh, Fischl, Beidou, and Nahida/Baizhu/Yaoyao.

Tips Kaveh Genshin Impact


The following are some tips that you can use while concocting the best build for Kaveh:

Because Kaveh’s Dendro Cores force-detonation ability isn’t too significant, upgrading his talent level, especially his Elemental Burst, is not recommended.

Unlike the other self-infused characters, Kaveh doesn’t get an increase in damage or multiplier from his Burst. This is why his Normal Attack deserves more priority than his Elemental Burst, which doesn’t give any bonuses.

Although Kaveh was able to recover himself through his talent. sometimes a healer character is still needed in the team, especially in the Nilou Bloom team. Even though most of the rotation time will be filled by Kaveh, sometimes the unpredictable explosions of Dendro Cores can kill other characters. That way, bringing in a healer would solve this problem.

When Kaveh forcibly detonates the Dendro Cores, the damage done by the explosion is still taken from the trigger’s stats. So even though Kaveh is the one who triggers the explosion visually, the trigger character’s stats and level will be accepted. So, you don’t need to worry about inconsistent damage from random use of which character’s stats creates these Dendro Cores. Generally, this trigger character is a Hydro character other than Nilou.

Even though Kit Kaveh is a simple character, he can become a character that offers its own benefits. He can fulfill the player’s need for the Dendro driver character. Especially when compared to other Dendro B4 characters, Kaveh is an on-field Dendro character who consistently produces Dendro’s aura through his Dendro Infusion.

That way, Kaveh’s value has advantages in specific teams and conditions, especially for players with few Dendro character choices.

Those are some things about Kaveh in Genshin Impact. We hope this article can be a reference for becoming the best player in Genshin Impact. Want to maximize the game even more? You can top up Genshin Impact only at UniPin right now!

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